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    • 0 for 75 sign & drive 299/Month the largest F-series dealer PlUs

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      1500 lease: 36 months, 10K miles per year, plus tax, title and license, $0 down. Cherokee lease: 36 months, 10K miles per year, $3399 due at signing plus tax, title and license. ^^ 0% for 75 months plus Bonus Cash plus no payment for 90 days available with approved credit in lieu of all rebates.

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      2010 T&C Touring 0% for 72 mos. Available Hard top, V-6, auto, CD 2011 Wrangler 4x4 $0 DOWN $0 DOWN $0 DOWN Lease for $218/mo $0 DOWN 3 yr. lease for $264/mo $0 DOWN $20,486 OR $318/mo $0 DOWN Lease for $196/mo $0 DOWN Buy for $14,791 $230/mo 3 yr. lease for $233/mo $0 DOWN $0 DOWN Buy for $25,463 OR $397/mo 3 yr. lease for $298/mo $0 DOWN $0 ...

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      19. Tammy drives her car 20 kilometres to work each day. State the type of insurance policy - Tammy will need for proper coverage. 125 0 $ 7. John wants to lease a vehicle for 3 years. The monthly lease payment is $650. A down payment of $5000 is required. All taxes are included in the payments. A) Calculate the total cost of the lease. (2 ...

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      8. Wanda wants to buy a new car for $34,650. The bank will give her a car loan for five years at 4.5% APR with $0 down payment. What will her monthly payment be? Wanda's car will be worth $18,935 in five years. The manufacturer offers a lease-to purchase option at 7% APR. At the end of the purchase option,

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      Public Comments: Two bay automatic car wash located in a quite neighborhood of Altoona. This location is the perfect area to have a money making business. Currently priced far below appraised and assessed values. Great passive income. Bring your qualified offers. Information Herein Deemed Reliable but Not Guaranteed MLS #: C53580A