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    • 1. Suppose we are testing the difference between two ...

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      1. Suppose we are testing the difference between two proportions at the 0.05 level of significance. If the computed z is 1.07, what is our decision? A. Reject the null hypothesis B. Do not reject the null hypothesis C. Take a larger sample D. Reserve judgment 2.



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      significance level of 0.01 instead of 0.05, for example, the critical value of chi-square would increase to 6.64.The critical values of chi-square for the most commonly used significance levels (using one degree of freedom) are listed below: Critical values of chi-square (df=1) Significance level 0.10 0.05 0.01 0.001

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    • An estimator is A) an estimate. C) a random variable. D) a ...

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      C) unbiased if its expected value equals the population value. D) another word for estimator. 3. The critical value of a two-sided t-test computed from a large sample A) is 1.64 if the significance level of the test is 5%. B) cannot be calculated unless you know the degrees of freedom. C) is 1.96 if the significance level of the test is 5%.


    • Durbin-Watson Significance Tables

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      Watson test statistic value is 0.24878. We want to test the null hypothesis of zero autocorrelation in the residuals against the alternative that the residuals are positively autocorrelated at the 1% level of significance. If you examine the Savin and White tables (Table A.2 and Table A.3), you will not find a row for sample size 69, so go to

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    • Finding Critical Values. a the given confidence level.

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      Finding Critical Values. In Exercises 1–4, find the critical value that corresponds to the given confidence level. 1. 98% 2. 95% 3. 96% 4. 99.5% z a>2 294 CHAPTER 6 Estimates and Sample Sizes Using Technology Confidence IntervalsSee the end of Section 6-4 for the confi-dence interval procedures that apply to the methods of this sec-

    • How to Choose the Level of Significance: A Pedagogical Note

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      3 nX n X Z 0.5 2/ , where X is the sample mean. At the 5% level of significance, H0 is rejected if Z is greater than the critical value of 1.645 or X is greater than 2(1. 645 )/ n.Note that the Z statistic is an increasing function of sample size or the critical value for X is a decreasing function of sample size.

    • Hypothesis Testing for One Sample - Compton College

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      1 Hypothesis Testing for One Sample Proportion p Mean ... Level of Significance . ... Critical Value Method . or. P-Value method. Critical Value Method . Use the . t-table with degrees of freedom 𝑑. 𝑓. = 𝑛−1 …

    • PROBLEM SET 1 - WOU Homepage

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      PROBLEM SET 1 For the first three answer true or false and explain your answer. A picture is often helpful. 1. Suppose the significance level of a hypothesis test is α=0.05. If the p-value of the test statistic is p-value = 0.07, then the null hypothesis (H 0) should be rejected. False. We reject the null hypothesis when the p-value is less ...


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      deviation of 1.9 minutes. At the 0.01 significance level, test the claim that the mean waiting time is less than 10 minutes. Use the P-value method of testing hypotheses. 23) Assume that a simple random sample has been selected from a normally distributed population. Find the test statistic, P-value, critical value(s), and state the final ...

    • Stata CI tests - Columbia University

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      Ex. 1 Suppose you want to calculate the critical value of t for a 90% confidence interval with 17 degrees of freedom, i.e. you want to find the value of t* for which 5% of the area under the curve lies above t* and 5% lies below –t*. To find this value using STATA type: . …

    • Table of critical values for Spearman's rho

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      the critical value of rho at the 0.01 level of significance (0.625). You would conclude that your obtained value of rho is likely to occur by chance less than 1 time in a hundred (i.e. it is highly significant). If your N is not in the table, use the next one down - e.g., for an N of …

    • The Significance of P-Value in Medical Research

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      The Significance of P-Value in Medical Research 78 groups or due to drug? To answer this question, we must quantify the observed difference between the two groups.

    • Triola Chapter 8 - California State University, Northridge

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      person would have to re-compute the critical value for α = 0.01 to run the test at their significance level. To solve this problem, we can use the p-value method. 1. Formulate the question into a null hypothesis H 0 and an alternative hypothesis H 1. 2. Identify a test statistic which has …