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  • 10 fun facts about me

    • Cordillera Region & Facts

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      The facts about the cordillera region . Climate Cold Snowy winters, warm dry summers, glaciers have super cold weather, sout side is very humid and warm. north not so much,northern part of cordillera has less than 500mm each year some areas in the southern part of the region


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      FAST FACTS FOR THE ER NURSE Emergency Room Orientation in a Nutshell Jennifer R. Buettner, RN, CEN New York. About the Author Jennifer R. Buettner, RN, CEN, is currently a full-time Registered Nurse at Jasper Memorial Hospital’s emergency room in Monticello, GA. She has nine years of ER experience

    • Fun Facts about Cryptology

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      Fun Facts about Cryptology* *the study of secret writing and codes George Washington’s alphabet code sheet. Try writing a message! C ryptology began in the ancient world. Th e ancient Greeks used a scytale, in which the person sending a message wound a strip of cloth around a stick, wrote the message vertically, fi lled in some random letters,

    • Fun Facts: Halloween - October 31

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      Fun Facts: Halloween - October 31 The Evolvement of Halloween • The annual holiday is celebrated each year on October 31st and originated with the Celtic festival of Samhain, a Gaelic festival acknowledging the end of harvest season and beginning of winter. Today, the tradition has evolved into a

    • Interesting Facts about Kindness

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      Learn More about bullying and its prevention at www.StopBullying.gov.. Kindness is one of the most significant contributors to . positive school climate. Being kind makes others


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      PUFFIN FUN FACTS (These facts are adapted from National Wildlife Federation’s Ranger Rick® magazine) KNOW YOUR PUFFINS • Of the 300 species of seabirds, puffins are among the smallest at only 10” tall. They are also the most colorful and whimsical.

    • Ten Things about Winn-Dixie

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      Ten Things about Winn-Dixie 1. “Number one was that he had a pathological fear of thunderstorms.” 2. “Number two was he liked to smile, using all

    • Wildfires: Interesting Facts and F.A.Q.

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      Wildfires: Interesting Facts and F.A.Q. Lightning strikes the Earth over 100,000 times a day. Of these, 10-20% cause a fire. Man-made causes such as arson or plain carelessness (like smoking in forested areas or improperly extinguishing campfires) by individuals is the biggest cause of wildfires in the U.S.

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