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      Court would grant $70. Alter the hypo: Now assume market price immediately drops to $20/period. Using the first approach to restitution: the value to employer is only $60, but he benefits $10 in the fourth quarter. Because employee can’t “sue on the contract”, he’s stuck at only $60. By second approach: the contract value is $90.

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      Sidway (Court of Appeals of New York, 1891) p. 40 Takeaway: Forbearance from activities that you have the right to do can count as sufficient consideration. Facts: Defendant William E. Story, in the presence of guests, promised nephew $5000 to stop drinking, using tobacco, and playing cards or billiards for money until turning 21 years old.

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      Salesmen solicited orders from buyers and transmitted them back to home base. ... Hustler sells 10,000 to 15,000 magazines/mo. in the state. ... The financial benefit father received from kids in CA dealt with an act within NY, from the kids not being at home.

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      Holding: Contract was unconscionable because $15,000 for a water heater is a grossly excessive price when the home itself is worth only $40,000 (setting and purpose considerations) Substantive unconscionability established in grossly excessive price. Unconscionability is determined in light of a contract’s setting, purpose and effect.

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    • [DOC File]The Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure - USDA | Office of Ethics


      Exonerations are given for property to be used by foreign missions. With respect to the purchase of the first four vehicles, the RSO was given $50,000 by the security company. The RSO carried at least $39,000 in cash to Miami, which he illegally failed to disclose to customs officials, and purchased 4 vehicles for $39,000.

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      Its first such investment was in the Loreto Bay Company, a 5,000-home community in Baja California, Mexico that is one of the largest sustainable resort communities in North America. Underscoring Citi’s continued commitment to the environment, in April 2007, CAI created a standalone investment center called Sustainable Development Investments ...

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