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      A couple of years ago, I wanted to upgrade the hard disk on a video recorder I use at home. It was a DishPlayer, attached to my Dish Network satellite system. The original drive held 17 gigabytes, storing roughly 12 hours of video, and a new 40 gigabytes drive was on sale at the local electronics store for about $120.

    • The group started weekly meeting jan 24 and have been ...

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      Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA, Inc. - Success Stories as of 11.26.14. The River Edge based support group started on January 27, 2011 and have been holding free weekly meetings ever since.

    • United States District Court,

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      Moreover, consumers' preferences regarding a seller's use of transaction information for other purposes may differ. See Shibley v Time, Inc, 321 NE2d 791, 797 (Ohio Ct Com Pl 1974) (noting that large portions of the class may have preferred receiving the unsolicited mail and supported the sale of mailing lists). Dougherty v. Salt. 125 N.E. 94 ...

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      UNITED STATES. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION. WASHINGTON, DC 20549 ________________________________________________ FORM 10-Q ...

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      Others assert that disclosures should also be displayed prominently at the point-of-sale, in bill inserts, and in the service contract. We agree that broadband providers must, at a minimum, prominently display or provide links to disclosures on a publicly available, easily accessible website that is available to current and prospective end ...

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      EBay and many of the classified advertising sites like craigslist and Kijiji offer goods for sale, but there are many others that provide free goods shared with whoever responds to the listing.

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