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      Be prepared to give your speech the next day you have class. Unexcused absences will result in a zero for the speech. Time Limit: 4 – 6 minutes. Deductions for being under. time: 01 – 30 seconds 2 points, 31 – 60 seconds 5 points, 1:01 -1:30 minutes 7 points, 1:30 – 2:00 minutes 10 points, Over 3 minutes – at the teacher’s discretion

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    • [DOC File]Hot Topics in the 21st Century: Oral Presentations


      Research at least 3 sources for information—Include 1 quote/source within speech. 3-5 minute presentation: Introduction. Background information. Your opinion/solution. Conclusion. May refer to an outline, paper, or note cards during presentation. Must include some sort of visuals. Handout: Heading. Topic. Focus Question. Outline of main ...

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      Huck Finn Research Topics for Informative Speech. Your task is to write and deliver a 3-5 minute informative speech on a topic related to . Huck Finn. You must utilize a visual aid in your speech (PowerPoint Presentation, slide show, videos, props, etc.).

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      Bless Me Ultima Capstone Project-Research for Informative Speech Choose one of the following topics, conduct extensive research on the topic, and prepare a 3-5 minute informative speech to be presented to the class. You must use a minimum of three sources and cite them in your speech, and you will be required to turn in a works cited list when you give your speech.

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    • [DOC File]Ag I Curriculum Outline


      Write a 3-5 minute speech on Farmer's Union topics. Present the speech. Quiz 10/24-11/6. Introduction to Animal Science. List species of livestock and common pets. Discuss the importance of animals in our lives. Discuss the career opportunities in the area of animal science. 11/7-11/20.

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      Speech! Contemporary Problems & Solutions Research, prepare, and present an informational and persuasive 5-minute speech. In your speech, describe the causes and consequences of a contemporary problem, and then explain 1-3 possible solutions for that problem. Due: My problem: Air …

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    • [DOC File]Sample Script for Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests


      [Announce name of Table Topics Contestant #5] [Read the Table Topics question two times.] [Repeat name of Table Topics Contestant #5] Contestant #5: [Contestant #5 will answer the Table Topics question] Toastmaster: May we have one minute of silence (signal timer) while the …

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      You are to present a 5-7 minute informative speech on a topic of your choice. Below are some guidelines to consider regarding the content, organization and delivery of this speech. WHAT YOU TURN IN: For this speech you must turn in: your outline of the speech (due the class period one week prior to the first speech day).

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      : Present a 5-7 minute speech designed to persuade the target audience to accept a proposition of fact, value, or policy regarding the topic on which you gave your informative speech. The speech must affect your listeners' attitudes, beliefs or actions.

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    • [DOC File]Presentation Assignments and Daily Preparation Guide


      Impromptu Speech. on a randomly selected fire service topic. Students will be given 5 minutes to prepare a 5 minute speech on their topic. Instructors will “grade” this presentation for information purposes only. See Impromptu speech listings and place topics on index cards for students to draw topics from

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