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      A FEW IDEAS FOR DEMONSTRATIONS AND ILLUSTRATED TALKS There are lots of ideas for demonstrations and illustrated talks. It is suggested that 4-H members and leaders look through the entire list as there is some overlapping of subjects and hopefully these ideas may stimulate you for additional ideas. As you plan your demonstration, you need to 1.

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    • [PDF File]Planning and Delivering Your 4-H Project Demonstration


      5 Practicing and Delivering Your 4-H Project Demonstration At home, practice delivering your project demonstration. • Don’t read your demonstration, but try using the note cards to remind yourself what you want to report. • Don’t memorize your demonstration, but have key steps highlighted on the note

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    • [PDF File]5-10 MINUTE PRESENTATION IDEAS - Michigan


      SCHOOLS · 5-10 Minute Presentation Ideas Support and Promote the Michigan Nutrition Standards Implementing the Michigan Nutrition Standards takes time and careful planning. Before school staff, parents, students, and community members can become excited about and invested in implementing the standards they need to better understand them.

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    • [PDF File]Sample Informative Speeches - Los Angeles Mission College


      Sample Informative Speeches ... 12 In conclusion, this short speech has shown you the importance of surveying an emergency, contacting an emergency medical service, and starting CPR. ... As the speaker develops each main point, she explains her ideas clearly and straightforwardly. She avoids jargon and other technical language, and

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      Food Demonstration is selected by the Host Agency, LIFE-II will provide the equipment needed to prepare the food demonstrations. The food demo recipes …

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    • [PDF File]Demonstration Speech Topics - Duke of Definition


      Demonstration Speech Topics Note: read through the list to help you brainstorm. This is a list of some ideas. They may spark a thought. • Sports —General tips: explain the technique thoroughly (don’t forget to repeat). Show exact placement (feet, hands, etc).

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    • Suggested Topics or Ideas for Horse Presentations ...

      Suggested Topics or Ideas for Horse Presentations (Demonstrations), Illustrated Talks, Public Speaking Contests, or Club Meetings Feeding What to Look for in Good Quality Hay Nutrients—How They Are Used and Supplied Nutrient Requirements Balancing a Horse Ration Digestive Organs in the Horse How to Select a Supplement

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    • 4-H Public Presentation Guide - Cornell Cooperative Extension

      Develop good judgment, speech and ... Demonstration A demonstration ... may last only a minute. In this time, though, the 4-H member will have gotten on his feet, said something and done something while fellow members, parents and friends watch and listen. Older members should plan to give sev-

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      Storage and shelving ideas Making a centerpiece Selecting a table cover Use and care of paint brushes Closet accessories Matting and framing pictures Applying wood finishes Lamp shades Flower arrangements Bulletin boards Refinishing furniture Chair pads Replacing window panes HORSE Making a horse jump Care of horse’s hoofs

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    • [PDF File]th Grade Speech: 1-2 minutes 5 Grade Speech: 2-3 minutes th


      4th Grade Speech: 1-2 minutes 5th Grade Speech: 2-3 minutes. How to Prepare & Deliver a 4-H Speech *Adapted from 4 -H Public Speaker’s Handbook . 4-H Public Speaking Scorecard (4. th & 5. th . Grades) Points to Consider Possible Points

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