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      For both the informative and persuasive speech, you will have your Central Idea Statement at the end of the introduction and at the beginning of the conclusion (with a change in verb tense in the conclusion). For each speech, both the introduction and conclusion should be about a minute to a minute and a half long. If yours is longer or

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      Transition: (Required) Statement of movement that looks back (internal summary) and looks forward (preview). C. Statement of third main point. Do not use a source in this statement. 1. Idea of development or support for the first main point

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      WRITTEN EXAMPLES OF SOME OF THE WINNING ... Best Inspirational Speech 4th/5th Grade Jackie Robinson . Kirsten Most Original Topic 4th/5th Grade HELP!!! I’m Trapped in My Kitty Cat’s Body! Kelsey Third Place 4th/5th Grade Cellular Airheads . Lillian Second Place 6th Grade . Kiyo Best Informative 4th/5th Grade Exclusive Info on an Elusive ...

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      Students will create a five minute informative speech on a topic of their choice. They must make sure the topic is narrow enough to thoroughly be presented within the five minutes. (For example: dogs would be too broad of a topic to cover in 5 minutes - a particular breed of dog, such as the Labrador retriever, might be covered in 5 minutes)

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      Informative Speech Example I. Introduction A. Read a poem from my poetry book B. Today I want to share with you three items that mean the world to me. C. Three of my favorite things are my clarinet, my book of poems, and my marvin the martian. II. Body A. First, I’d like to show you my clarinet. 1. It is a buffet B-flat clarinet that is made

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      o Scenarios of different informative speech topics o Ex. How to milk a cow, o Ex. Relay for Life o Ex. Presidents of the United States o Ex. Gravity o Discuss what “type” each falls under o In groups, come up with 2 examples that fall under each type of informative …

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      Student Name: _____ Template: INFORMATIVE SPEECH PREPARATION OUTLINE (Your outline must use complete sentences) General Purpose: To Inform . Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech the audience will know more about [my topic] I. Introduction .

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      Sample Informative Speeches ... 12 In conclusion, this short speech has shown you the importance of surveying an emergency, contacting an emergency medical service, and starting CPR. If you take the Red Cross course, you will learn more about the details of administering CPR.

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      Informative Speech Assignment Develop a three to five-minute speech to inform your classmates and me about something you know a great deal about. Your goal is to fully inform us about the topic of your choice. You must use a visual aid for this speech (details will be covered in class). Possible topics Choose a topic which you know well.

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      EXAMPLE OF PERSUASIVE SPEECH OUTLINE Sarah Gregor Persuasive Outline Topic: Hearing Loss Audience: #73. You are speaking to members of local 795 of the United Auto Workers, composed of 50 men and 70 women. The workers work for the Steering and Axle plant located in Livonia, MI. The economic status of the

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