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  • a new way to buy a car

    • Before You Buy A Car Out Of State… .gov

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      At the end of the activity ask students to compare the costs of buying and running the car they have selected so that they can hear about the range of vehicles selected and their running costs. Reflective/Summative activity (5 minutes) 1. List three new things that you learned today about buying a …

    • Buying Cars Long Distance - My Classic Car

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      Or, if he actually wants the car for his used car lot, he can buy the car from the lease company and add the buyout cost, minus trade-in credit, to the price of your new car. This could be a large amount of money, making your new car payments higher than expected. If you are at the end of your lease, and have confirmed that you have no trade


    • Buying or Selling A Vehicle in Illinois

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      and buy or acquire a new car, truck or motorcycle in another state, it must be "California Certified" to meet California emission laws, unless it meets one of the exceptions listed below. California Law considers any vehicle purchased with less than 7,500 miles on the odometer a NEW vehicle. California Law also prohibits a California resident or

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    • Car Dealer Leasing Tricks

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      golf car is much the same as going to your Dentist. Not only will the Dentist clean your teeth, they find out if something is wrong when it is small and easy to fix. Getting your golf car inspected once a year can be a very inexpensive way to maintain your golf car and fix …


    • First car — wheels and deals - MoneySmart

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      Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS)highly recommends that you check the vehicle historybefore you purchase a used car. You may request that the dealer provide you with a vehicle history report. Or, you may purchase a vehicle history report on the US Department of Justice-sponsored National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) website at



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      † By law, all new and used car dealers are supposed to be licensed with the Secretary of State’s office. The license should be displayed by the dealer. Selling a Used Vehicle † Remove the license plates on the vehicle before delivering it to the buyer. The license plates belong to the registered owner of the vehicle, not the vehicle itself.

    • PennDOT Fact Sheet - Buying and Selling Your Vehicle in PA

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      Recording the trade-in of an asset Like many areas of professional bookkeeping, recording a trade-in can be tricky until you have done one. That is why our monthly briefings for members include a section called “Review of the Basics.” Here is a column from a past issue. In …

    • The 'Clark Smart' way to buy a new car - Clark Howard

      Buying Cars Long Distance You wouldn’t think of letting your kid buy a used car sight unseen, even in the next closest town. However, vintage car collectors regularly buy "used cars" from far distant sellers without a first-hand inspection.

    • Trade-In Strategies

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      New registrations will expire 12 or 24 (if applicable) months from the month of issuance. Example: If the registration is issued in September (regardless of the day of the month), it will expire in August of the following one or two years. You may be eligible to renew your motor vehicle for either a one- year

    • Where do you go to transfer vehicle ownership? Titled Vehicles

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      when they go to buy a new unit. You’d think this would make it impossible to buy a new RV, but it’s not. RV dealers are accustomed to taking in “underwater” trades—for example, let’s say you owe $60,000 on an RV that the dealer will only give you $50,000 for. The salesman will write up a deal that allows you $60,000 on the trade, but