Abandoned top secret military bases

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      Abandoned Milit. ary Bases [10]---- (Nekoma. S. outh . D. akota) ... open-ended delays because of screening likened to that required for “Top Secret” security clearance, according to court filings. ... The security division took advantage of the lockdown on the nation’s military bases and federal facilities following 9/11 and stockpiled ...

      abandoned military underground bases

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      This ‘black ops’ drug money or in classic Orwellian terms, MI6/CIA ’non-appropriated funds’ is being used to fund government and military projects classified ‘Above top secret’. These operations include a huge worldwide cover up of the building & maintaining of deep underground military bases (DUMBS).

      us abandoned military bases

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      Mar 03, 1991 · Some of Iraq's top military leaders were believed to have been killed early on February 28 (gulf time), when U.S. F-111 fighter-bombers obliterated an underground command center in the Baghdad suburb of Abu Ghurab, according to the Times of London March 3. The F-111s used two 5,000-pound (2,200-kg) laser-guided "bunker-buster" bombs on the target.

      abandoned army bases

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      (iii) There are about 2000 tons of plutonium in the world, and 200 tons (100 tons in each of Russia and the USA) of metal of especially high purity ready for making atomic bombs and which are excess to military requirements. It is top secret exactly how much is needed to make a bomb, but there are reports of a bomb explosion with 0.2 kg of pure ...

      abandoned us military sites

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      In late 1944, as Allied armies advanced, the Nazis abandoned camps outside Germany and forced Jews. To march ahead of the German army. In November 1945 an International Military Tribunal conducted the Nuremberg Trials. Of 24 Nazi defendants, 12 received the death sentence. The Nazi argument was the were only “following orders” Section 4

      vacant military bases in the us

    • Cease-fire Holds in Persian Gulf; Iraq Commanders Agree to ...

      “This point is demonstrated most directly by the fact that military leaders are immediately dismissed if they disagree with their civilian bosses, as seen numerous times since the early 1960s, and most recently in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, when a top general was pushed into retirement for daring to say there was a need for more ...

      abandoned military bases in america

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      Such bases might well appear at former Soviet airfields, which had belonged to the former Soviet 34-th air army and the USSR's air-defense force -- Marneuli, Vaziani, Senaki (Mikha Tskhakaya) and Gudauta. After that, Turkish military units might well be deployed there; by the way, Ankara has already hinted that this is theoretically possible.

      deserted military bases in usa

    • Fascinating Abandoned Military Bases From All Around The World

      Alleged Top-Secret Bases. ... Called Area-51, the parcel is just outside of the abandoned Nevada Test and Training Range where more than 100 atmospheric bomb tests were conducted in the 1950s. Officially, the U.S. Government has never acknowledged the existence of Area-51. ... In Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military ...

      us abandons base

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      The top-secret SR-75 far exceeds the classified military speed and altitude records set by the old SR-71, which could fly at a still-classified Mach 3.3 and reach a ceiling exceeding 85,000 feet. The SR-75 attained altitudes of over 120,000 feet and speeds exceeding Mach-5 (or 5 times the speed -of-sound).

      abandoned military underground bases

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