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    • Access to Financial Services in Botswana - CGAP

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      Access to Financial Services in Botswana 4. Non-bank financial services Microlenders The microlending industry is not explicitly regulated by the government and no Usury Act exists. No information is collected for monitoring purposes and very little …

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    • Access to financial services nk.com

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      financial access Standard Bank is committed to finding new ways to extend access to financial services to the most under-served and unbanked individuals, entrepreneurs, and small enterprises. We aim to provide banking products and services that deliver what really matters to these customers: safety and security, convenience and affordability.

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    • Access to Financial Services in the UK - FCA

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      Occasional Paper 17 Access to Financial Services in the UK May 2016 1 FCA Occasional Papers in financial regulation The FCA is committed to encouraging debate on all aspects of financial regulation and to creating rigorous evidence to support its decision-making. To facilitate this, we publish a series of

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      Access to Financial Services in Rural Areas – Market Study July 2014 . LIST OF ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS . A2F Access to Finance . APS Annual Program Statement . BA Banking Agent . BAC Banco Agrario de Colombia (Public owned bank) BCS Banco Caja Social .

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    • Rural women’s access to financial services

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      women’s direct access to financial services, i.e. not mediated through their husbands . A second benefit of improving women’s direct access to and control over resources is that this leads to higher investments in human capital and have a stronger impact on children’s health, nutrition and education

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    • Access to Financial Services: Measurement, Impact, and ...

      Access to Financial Services: Measurement, Impact, and Policies Thorsten Beck, Asli Demirgu¨c¸-Kunt, and Patrick Honohan In many developing countries less than half the population has access to formal financial services, and in most of Africa less than one in five households has access. Lack of access

    • Powering Potential - BNY Mellon

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      by the financial services industry.1 Consider that women still only have 77 percent of the access that men do to financial services.2 Women also face specific challenges, such as more difficulty securing housing loans than men, and higher interest rates — despite …

    • Request for Information Regarding Consumer Access to ...

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      Request for Information Regarding Consumer Access to Financial Records ... including traditional providers of consumer financial products and services and newer entrants. In some cases, they may cover service providers to such entities as well. ... Request for Information Regarding Consumer Access to Financial Records ...


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      1 GENDER EMPOWEREMENT AND ACCESS TO FINANCIAL SERVICES IN MACHAKOS COUNTY, EASTERN KENYA Simiyu Wandibba1, Stevie M. Nangendo2 and Benson A. Mulemi3 Abstract In Kenya today, millions of people use mobile telephones not only to communicate with others but als o to transfer

    • Impact of Financial Literacy on Access to Financial ...

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      The main thrust of this study is to establish the impact of financial literacy on access to financial services in Kenya using the 2009 National Financial Access (FinAccess) survey data. Using a multinomial logit approach to explain access the the four major financial service access strands, the study found that financial literacy remains

    • Mobile financial services - Consumer Financial Protection ...

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      Mobile financial services can save consumers money and time For consumers, the ability to access financial services anytime, anywhere can save time and money. Comments suggest that some underserved consumers are saving more as they use mobile financial services frequently to check balances, deposit checks remotely and use tools to

    • Investigating the impact of access to financial services ...

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      The empirical relationship between access to financial services and growth is not well established, despite a range of theoretical literature hypothesising about the potential economic linkages. This is because of the lack of suitable data on access to financial services with …

    • ACCESS TO FINANCE - U.S. Agency for International …

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      access to a variety of financial services in order to main tain and grow their businesses. Among ASEAN Member States, small producers and agricultural enterprises often lack sufficient access to the financial services they need, or available services—often informal and unregulated—come with unfavorable terms. With more access to credit,

    • Big Data’s Role in Expanding Access to Financial Services ...

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      BD in facilitating the access to financial products for economically active low-income families and micro-enterprises in China. A second objective is to investigate how formal and informal institutions facilitate and constrain the use of BD in expanding the access of financial services in China.

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