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    • myMCPS Administrative Portal School Admin

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      School Admin The myMCPS Portal is a central location for students and their parents, guardians, or other authorized adults to access aca-demic and demographic information. In this guide are instruc-tions for school administrative staff to manage the myMCPS Administrative Portal and support user access.

      administrator username password

    • Rockdale County Public Schools Science Learning Resources ...

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      Username: ga_pearsonsci . Password: Pearson2017 . Vendor Public Review for Science Learning Resources – High School • High School Parent, Student & Community Feedback Link • High School Teacher/Admin Feedback Course Publisher Title and Link to GSE Correlations Link to Digital Resources Biology I (Grades 9-12)

      administrator username password

    • Accessing Student AD Usernames and Passwords

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      Important Note: Make sure that students use the AD username and password provided on this report. Types of Reports There are two types of reports that will provide the student AD username and password information. 1. Student Password Roster - This report will generate a roster that lists the AD username and password for the students in the class.

      bypass administrator password school

    • Mathletics for Administrators - 3P Learning

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      Administrators The Admin Centre is designed for school administrators, curriculum coordinators and managing teachers. It gives access to whole-school results data – as well as functionality to manage courses and to add, edit or delete student & teacher accounts – across all 3P Learning products.

      dreambox school username password

    • myMCPS Administrative Portal School Admin

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      School —If you are assigned to multiple schools, before beginning to work in the portal make sure that the appropriate school is selected. • Term —Select the current term or a previous term. Toolbar Buttons . Applications— Open other sites and applications that you have …

      windows username password

    • ACT WorkKeys Curriculum Administration User Guide

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      username, a link to this user guide, and instructions on how to access ACT WorkKeys Curriculum. The platform (and this document) refers to this individual as having the institution admin. role. Instructors in an institution setting will have access to ACT WorkKeys Curriculum in the instructor role. The institution admin creates instructor ...

    • myLexia Reports and User Guide - Lexia Learning

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      school or district, you will not be able to login to the myLexia App. Contact your school or district’s Lexia Administrator for more information. Changing your myLexia.com Account Settings Account settings include your username, password, and notification settings. 1.

    • School Administrator/Admin. Assistant – Login

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      Measured Progress ©2012 School Administrator/Admin. Assistant – Login Sign into RIDEmap with your username and password. If you need a username and password, click Register for a New Account.

    • Introduction Type your Username Type your Password Click ...

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      Username Type your Password Click Login The M-DCPS Password Management system has been upgraded to provide more secure passwords and better options to reset them. Employees will be able to select security questions; and provide an email address and/or mobile phone information to assist with the password reset process.

    • Logging into PowerSchool

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      Step 2: Enter your username and password, ... 'admin/pl,v.htrnl greendot.org PowerSchool Administrator Sign In Username and Password ... If you are having problems logging into Power-School and need your password reset click here to open a new help desk …

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