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  • advances in cancer therapy

    • Advances in Adjuvant Therapy For Cutaneous Melanoma ...

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      Advances in Adjuvant Therapy For Cutaneous Melanoma: Implications for Clinical Practice From the Editors The year 2011 proved to be a watershed moment in the treatment of advanced melanoma, with the approvals of the first BRAF-targeted therapy and checkpoint blockade therapy. Multiple individual and combination therapies followed in these

    • Advances in Cancer Treatment

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      locate and kill the cancer cells. Where therapy fails, it is usually because CAR T-cells do not persist long-term, fail to reach the tumour in sufficient numbers, or the cancer cells have evolved. Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors (ICIs) Immune checkpoints are proteins on cell surfaces that prevent the immune system attacking cells indiscriminately.

    • Advances in nanomedicine for cancer starvation therapy

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      Advances in nanomedicine for cancer starvation therapy Shuangjiang 1,3Yu , Zhaowei Chen2, Xuan Zeng2, Xuesi Chen3 , Zhen Gu2 1. College of Material, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou 311121, P. R. China. 2.

    • Advances in ovarian cancer therapy

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      Keywords Ovarian cancer · Biological drugs · Targeted therapy · Clinical trials Introduction Ovarian cancer is the second most common and the most lethal gynecologic malignancy in the western world. So far, there is lack of methods recommended for screening and early diagnostics of this disease. As a consequence, and also

    • Advances in the use of nanocarriers for cancer diagnosis ...

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      Advances in the use of nanocarriers for cancer diagnosis and treatment 101 einstein. 211(1):-1 Nanomedicines for cancer: state-of-the-art One of the basics of nanomedicine is to delivery medications in a specific and efficient way to the site of the disease. In general, this can be achieved by different

    • Advances of Cancer Synergic Photo-Therapy: Kinetics and ...

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      C CRIMSON PUBLISHERS Cancer Study Wings to the Research ISSN 2637-773X Abstract The kinetics and efficacy of anti-cancer via phototherapy are reviewed. Factors influencing the cancer therapy efficiency in both photothermal therapy (PTT) and photodynamic therapy (PDT) using nanogold particles and photosensitizers (PS), respectively, are analyzed.


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      RECENT ADVANCES BREAST CANCER THERAPY 1Bhanu Priya B, 2Basavanna P L, 1 – Postgraduate, 2 – Professor Department of Pharmacology, MMC&RI, Mysore

    • Recent Advances in Cell Membrane–Camouflaged Nanoparticles ...

      for cancer therapy. However, the main challenges faced by conventional pho-totherapeutic agents include easy recognition by the immune system, rapid ... summarizes the recent advances in the development of biomimetic cell mem-brane–camouflaged nanoparticles for cancer phototherapy.

    • Recent advances in cancer immunotherapy

      Recent advances in cancer immunotherapy Weijing Sun Laboratory and clinical investigations of immunotherapy in cancer treatment have been underway for the past several decades by attempting to stimulate, enhance, and modulate the immune system to detect and destroy can-cer cells. Although immunotherapy has shown success

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