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  • advances in cancer therapy

    • Tumor microenvironment: recent advances in various cancer …

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      With the technological advances the cancer treatments have undergone tremendous changes and the understanding of the underlying biolog-ical processes have increased. Various cancer treatment methods have been practiced in the past and many innovative methods, such as target-ed therapy, are being practiced currently. Since new information and understanding of biological process of cancer tissues …

    • Clinical Advances in Molecular Biomarkers for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy

      Clinical Advances in Molecular Biomarkers for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy Seema Sethi 1, Shadan Ali 2, Philip A. Philip 2 and Fazlul H. Sarkar 1,2,* 1 Department of Pathology, Karmanos Cancer Institute, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI 48201, USA; E-Mail: sseth@med.wayne.edu

    • Advances in Lung Cancer and Treatment Research

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      With the advances in surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy over the last decades, the treatment strategies of lung cancer has been largely changed. In this review, we summarize recent advances in lung cancer and treatment research. We discuss current clinical management, highlight stage-specific therapy approaches, chemotherapy options for ad-

    • Advances in Heart Failure

      1 Abstract—Advances in cancer therapy have resulted in significant improvement in long-term survival for many types of cancer but have also resulted in untoward side effects associated with treatment. One such complication that has become increasingly recognized is the development of cardiomyopathy and heart failure.

    • Advances in Adjuvant Therapy For Cutaneous Melanoma: …

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      Advances in Adjuvant Therapy For Cutaneous Melanoma: Implications for Clinical Practice From the Editors The year 2011 proved to be a watershed moment in the treatment of advanced melanoma, with the approvals of the first BRAF-targeted therapy and checkpoint blockade therapy. Multiple individual and combination therapies followed in these

    • Advances toward LSD1 inhibitors for cancer therapy

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      the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia, small lung cancer cell, etc. In this review, we briefly highlight recent advances of LSD1 inhibitors mainly covering the literatures from 2015 to 2017 and tentatively propose our perspectives on the design of new LSD1 inhibitors for cancer therapy.

    • Lipid-Based Nanoparticles: Application and Recent Advances in Cancer ...

      cancer treatment [1]. Nanoparticles present sizes between 1 and 1000 nm and they improve drug bioavailability as well as the selectivity of the anticancer drug [2]. Among many nanoformulations used in oncology, we highlight those based on lipid formulations, since great advances have been

    • MATERIALS SCIENCE Copyright © 2019 New power of self …

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      biocompatible components and distinctive hypoxia therapies, this nanomaterial advances current chemotherapy, providing a new direction for hypoxic cancer therapy. INTRODUCTION As a characteristic feature of various solid tumors, hypoxia has pro-found clinical significance in treatment of multidrug resistance (1), and metastasis (23, ). Among ...

    • Cancer Advances

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      advances in cancer care, ASCO publishes . Cancer Advances, a series of consumer information newsletters. Cancer Advances: News for Patients from the 2012 ASCO Annual Meeting. provides the latest information about the cancer research presented at the 2012 ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois, from June 1 through June 5, 2012.

    • TRAIL on trial: preclinical advances in cancer therapy

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      TRAIL on trial: preclinical advances in cancer therapy Daniel W. Stuckey1,2 and Khalid Shah1,2,3,4 1Molecular Neurotherapy and Imaging Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School,

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