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      ADVANCES IN DENTAL RESEARCH WITH OOF HAINE BECK Doctor in Dental Sciences MSc in Engineering and Materials Science Sao Paulo – Brazil haine@las.inpe.br

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      ARTIFICIAL DENTAL PLAQUE BIOFILM MODEL SYSTEMS C.H. SISSONS Dental Research Group Department of Pathology Wellington School of Medicine University of Otago P.O. Box 7343 Wellington South, New Zealand Adv Dent Res 11(1 ):110-126, April, 1997 Abstract—Difficulties with in vivo studies of natural plaque and its complex, heterogeneous structure ...

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      Additional services and information for Advances in Dental Research can be found at: ... Dental Research and supported by Unilever Dental Research 22 Downloaded from adr.sagepub.com by guest on July 13, 2011 For personal use only. No other uses without permission.


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      storative Dental Materials, September 8-10, 1986, National Insti-tute of Dental Research 134 as are various national standards based on perform-ance criteria rather than on specific composition. Over the last 50 years, zinc-phosphate and zinc-oxide eugenol cements have remained almost un-changed as luting and lining materials. Silicophos-

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      the American Association for Dental Research and the 83rd Annual Session of the American Dental Education Association, March 9, 2006, Orlando, Florida, USA, and supported by the Colgate-Palmolive Co.

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      permeable barrier within the dental tissue. Despite the potential offered by our increased understanding of the basic biology of the dental tissues, these advances have not yet been fully translated into improved treatments in day-to-day dental practice beyond perhaps treatment of early caries. When

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      Songkla University, Thailand, the International Association for Dental Research, the World Health Organization, the NIDCR/National Institutes of Health, USA, and the University of California-San Francisco Oral AIDS Center. Downloaded from adr.sagepub.com at PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIV on February 23, 2013 For personal use only.

    • Advances in Dental Research The Caries Microbiome ...

      80 Advances in Dental Research 29(1) new bacterial associations with disease. Sequence-based anal-yses, initially using PCR of the 16S rRNA gene, cloning ampli-cons, and their sequencing, however, showed a much larger diversity of species, including many previously unrecognized/ uncultured in oral samples (Dewhirst et al. 2010). Sequence-

    • Recent advances in dental implants

      Recent advances in dental implants Do Gia Khang Hong and Ji-hyeon Oh* Abstract Dental implants are a common treatment for the loss of teeth. This paper summarizes current knowledge on implant surfaces, immediate loading versus conventional loading, short implants, sinus lifting, and custom implants using three-dimensional printing.

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