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      ADVANCING SECURITY ADVANCING COMMERCE JUNE 2011 E-commerce Security Purpose This document explains the benefits of using Risk Based Authentication (RBA)— a dynamic method of cardholder authentication in the e-commerce environment— in conjunction with the MasterCard® SecureCode™ infrastructure and the Three Domain (3-D) Secure protocol.

    • Advancing with e-commerce - United Nations

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      2 Advancing with E-commerce Key findings Objectives For the majority of participants in the case studies (62 per cent) e- commerce was viewed primarily as an opportunity to improve the efficiency of their business operations.

    • Evaluating Personalization and Persuasion in E- Commerce

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      an e-business successful. This study can serve as a guide for e-business developers to build successful e-commerce platforms or to improve on existing ones. 2 Related Work and Methods 2.1 Amazon Amazon is an e-commerce company that started out as an online bookstore, but now

    • Firms Cite As: Readiness in a Developing Economy ...

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      Advancing E-commerce Beyond Readiness in a Developing Economy: Experiences of Ghanaian Firms, Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations, 9 (1 ) 1-16. ABSTRACT This paper identifies factors affecting the assimilation of electronic commerce in Ghana and the ... E-commerce has been defined as ˝sharing of business information, maintaining ...

    • Moving with Change: Electronic Signature Legislation as a ...

      mercial e-mail (spain), information security, and the enforceability of e-commerce transactions. In some cases, the legislation has been intended to promote and facilitate what is seen as a desirable public policy. In other cases, however, it has been intended to control it. The enforceability of e-commerce transactions is the most basic and


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      E-commerce advancement hinges on the consumers—their online usage behavior and habits, adoption drivers, tipping points and challenges. The Nielsen Connected Commerce report provides insights into the global connected consumer, shopping traits, category evolution and …

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