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    • 2007: A Vintage Year for DINGHY VEHICLES

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      A Vintage Year for DINGHY VEHICLES MotorHome Magazine ’s annual roundup of cars, trucks and SUVs certified for flat towing from Toyota’s new 2,293-pound Yaris to Chevrolet’s 6,642-pound Avalanche 1500 4WD — 2007 truly is a vintage year for dinghies! And, while many are limited to manual transmissions and front-wheel-drive (FWD),

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    • CLASSIC CAR SPECIAL - Knight Frank

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      Classic cars were once again the top performing luxury asset on an annual basis (see graphic page 3), according to the ... the standout sale of the year has to be our cover star, a gorgeous 1957 Ferrari 335 S Scaglietti, which fetched ... Affordable/ overlooked classics by price bracket PEGASO Z102 £1,000,000 £1.0m Pegaso Z102 1951-1958 £1.0m


    • Car ownership in Great Britain

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      There has been a steady increase in the number of cars in the UK over the past ... been scrapped with the remainder likely to be retained as classic or heritage cars for many years. About 1% of the total parc is over 25 years old. ... therefore replacements are more affordable or the durability of cars has declined over the past 10 years ...

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    • Extendable Pedal Car - Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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      and thus affordable for the general public. Like cars of the time, the pedal cars came in a large ... Many of the most classic pedal cars were designed in the 1950’s, and some are still ... electric motor cars and tricycles, see Figure 3. Most of the designs on sale were marketed for ages 5 to 7, with a few marketed to the younger age group ...

    • Manager’s Asking Special 5,995

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      518-701-6817 2511 BROADWAY SCHENECTADY, NY www.drivelinemotorsny.com All vehicles are inspected, serviced, and guaranteed. On site service and repair.



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      Silver Standard Reconditioned Precedent® golf cars. They are an affordable way to “Join the Club”. Take one for a jaunt today. You’ll feel like a kid again. For quick reference, look for these vehicle specific features. clubcar.com Precedent 2 plus 2 Gold Standard …


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      stock drum brake system when you can have the functionality of disc brakes at a cost that is affordable and comes available in a package that has all the necessary parts to make a quick installation. Stock spindle kits, in most cases, will bolt to stock drum brake spindles.But, in some cases, stock height spindles are included in the kit.


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      USED VEHICLE CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT Exclusive listing with the exclusive right to sell I (We), the undersigned owner(s) (Owner), herby agrees to consign my (our) vehicle with Affordable Auto Brokers (AAB), the vehicle described as follows (Vehicle), for the sole purpose of selling the Vehicle with a ... Owner the final Sale Price minus the ...

    • WIPERS

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      An affordable and easy way to get dual wipers which look like the original factory accessory units sold back in the day. Your existing single motor (vacuum or electric) actuates both using the linkage as shown. ... An excellent option for adding a wiper to closed or open cars where mounting space is limited. This old-school setup offers ...

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      bodies for over 20 years. Working closely with Suncoast Race Cars, Advanced Fibre-Glas Concepts designed roadster bodies with the features that drag racers and pro streeters alike need, such as flanges throughout the components to allow easy assembling and Dzusing of …