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      The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires State and local grantees of the formula grant programs, namely the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) the HOME Program, the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG), the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) and the national Housing Trust Fund (HTF) programs to …

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    • Affordable Housing and Historic Preservation

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      Affordable Housing and Historic Preservation. National policy encompasses both preserving historic resources and providing affordable housing. The National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) of 1966, as amended, directs the Federal government to foster conditions under which modern society and prehistoric and historic resources can exist in productive harmony and …

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    • CHAPTER 1

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      A vacancy rate of less than 5% for affordable housing of the appropriate unit size in the housing market for the area in which the housing is located; The local jurisdiction’s Consolidated Plan, if applicable; Availability of affordable housing in the market area; and. Evidence of the family’s efforts to obtain affordable housing in the area.

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    • Determination of Exemption - HUD

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      Interest buydowns or other actions resulting in transfer of title 6. Affordable housing pre-development costs. Legal consulting. Developer and other site-option costs. Project financing. Administrative costs for loan commitments, zoning approvals, and other activities which don’t have a physical impact 7.

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    • Facilities Consolidation Fund

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      Dec 29, 2017 · In procuring and contracting for all housing development services including, but not limited to architectural, engineering, legal, development consulting, and construction, FCF applicants must demonstrate sound business practice and fiduciary responsibility which gain the benefits of the competitive market and achieve a fair value.

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    • Financial Assistance Programs For Homeowners

      development and consulting, manages disabled . residenc. y . program. s, and accessibility programs for the disabled. ... (CHFA)– Financial low interest loans to facilitate small business growth, homeownership, affordable housing development, housing counseling, home repair and energy efficiency loans. Visit .

    • Levels of Environmental Review Table - HUD Exchange

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      Affordable housing pre-development costs: legal consulting, developer and other site-option costs, project financing, administrative costs for loan commitments, zoning approvals, and other activities which don’t have a physical impact.

    • MassHousing: Planning for Housing Production Program ...

      MassHousing: Planning for Housing Production Program Application. Program goals. MassHousing’s Planning for Housing Production Program builds on local affordable housing planning, by providing cities and towns with additional technical capacity to implement their own housing production goals, and deliver new mixed-income housing.


      The City has obtained a SB 2 Planning Grant through the State Department of Housing and Community Development to be used for development of affordable housing. The City will be seeking consulting services for the preparation of CEQA environmental review of three identified affordable housing site, including this Site.

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      Affordable housing pre-development costs including legal, consulting, developer and other costs related to obtaining site options, project financing, administrative costs and fees for loan commitments, zoning approvals, and other related activities which do not have a physical impact.