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    • New York Stock Exchange

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      Transactions in stocks with a per share stock price of $1.00 or more Non-Tier Adding Credit – Equity per Share Credit - per transaction - for all orders, other than Midpoint Passive Liquidity (“MPL”) and Non-Display Reserve orders that add liquidity to the NYSE unless a higher credit applies.


    • EGG MARKET NEWS REPORT - Agricultural Marketing Service

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      Weekly National Egg Products f.o.b. Shipper Dock Basis; Wholesale prices; cents per pound unless otherwise noted. All liquid egg products are too few trades to report prices. The undertone is steady for all liquid egg products. Spot demand is light to moderate. Offerings are light. Market activity is moderate.

      today s market prices

    • The Nasdaq Opening and Closing Crosses

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      The Nasdaq Opening and Closing Crosses Frequently Asked Questions 1. What are the Nasdaq Opening and Closing Crosses? ... Nasdaq Opening and Closing Cross prices? Today the Opening and Closing Cross threshold is the greater of $0.50 or 10%. ... • As the Closing Cross completes in each stock, after hours trading commences in that stock. 6. How ...


    • Price History - SteelBenchmarker™

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      Prices are: USA -- FOB mill; Western Europe and China -- Ex-works; and World Export Market - - FOB port of export. For USA steel scrap -- delivered to the steel plant. * For shredded scrap the region is “for all but the West Coast” (CA, OR & WA). *** SteelHome’s non-steelbenchmarker derived average price for each product is the determinant of


    • Weekly Cotton Market Review - Agricultural Marketing Service

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      Mp_cn812 Weekly Cotton Market Review Cotton Market Reports Subscribe to this report Sources: USDA, AMS, Cotton and Tobacco Program, 1/ Cotlook Subscribe to all Cotton Market reports. 2 Spot cotton trading was inactive. Supplies and ... prices were higher. Trading of CCC-loan equities was active. No forward contracting was reported.


    • Asymmetric Information in the Stock Market: Economic News ...

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      Asymmetric Information in the Stock Market: Economic News and Co-movement ∗ Rui Albuquerque† Clara Vega‡ January 16, 2006 Abstract We analyze the effect that real-time domestic and foreign news about fundamentals have on the correlation of stock returns of a small open economy, Portugal, and a large open economy, the U.S.

    • Understanding Stock Options - Cboe Options Exchange

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      Understanding Stock Options ... securities exchanges today. Although the history of options extends several centuries, it was not until 1973 that standardized, exchange-listed and government regulated options became available. ... Except under special circumstances, all stock option contracts are for 100 shares of the underlying stock. The ...

    • The rise and fall of almond prices: Asia, - U.S. Bureau of ...

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      The rise and fall of almond prices: Asia, drought, and consumer preference By Hayden Swegal In recent years, nuts have become a crucial export commodity, and nuts now play an influential role as a staple among U.S. agricultural exports. Throughout the 2000s, the harvests and sales of almonds, walnuts, pecans, and hazelnuts rose.

    • WHOLESALE FEED PRICE LIST - United Suppliers

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      wholesale feed price list effective week of 04/21/08 price list no. 163 ton ton u.s. farm flock poultry feeds price beef chain price ... (potassium chloride)…50 lb. out d1633 stock cow nuggets..... c 304.00 + 1902 dynamate ... prices subject to change without notice beef additivie options available (cost/ton)

    • WIC-26, Commodity Price List Survey

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      COMMODITY PRICE LIST SURVEY, Continued For all categories as allowed on the Authorized Food List, write BOTH your store brand and all national brand names, sizes and prices that you have in your store. WIC-26 OCT 17 Page 2 of 26 Pages. Store Name Vendor Code (s) Date . FOOD ITEM . STATE USE ONLY . Minimum Stock Requirement BRAND

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