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      a terrible mother and a horrible person.” An alternative, more rational thought might be,” The fact that on a particular day, at a particular time, in a particular circumstance, I was irritable and upset does not mean that I’m a horrible mother or person. It’s unreasonable to expect myself to never be irritable.

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    • Am I really horrible, or in extreme danger - or COULD THIS ...

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      Am I really horrible, or in extreme danger - or COULD THIS BE OCD? If in doubt – check it out! All OCD thoughts / obsessions have the same characteristics. One of the most annoying things is that on some level we absolutely know they are false alarms – meaningless – have that ‘I …


    • Crime and Multiple Personality Disorder: A Case History ...

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      Crime and Multiple Personality Disorder olina. His ex-wife dated his other person- ality, Billy Ray, to 1968. Mrs. A also stated that her husband made her pose in the nude for pictures while she was pregnant and once made her have inter- course with him and a friend …


    • Here’s Why I’m a Horrible Person

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      Here’s Why I’m a Horrible Person When all the world is facing chemical warfare, I have the ... I am flummoxed when friends insist they do not watch television after telling me they just sat on their couch and binged on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or some series on Netflix. I tell

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    • How to Overcome Perfectionism

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      mistakes and that making a mistake means they are a failure or a horrible person for disappointing others. Thinking like this makes it really scary for them to make mistakes. Trying to be perfect is also likely to make you feel stressed and maybe even disappointed with yourself much of time because you are not able to meet your

    • Misunderstanding the Moral Equivalence of Killing and ...

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      I am just going to assume for the sake of argument that killing and letting die are ... He is obviously a horrible person. Rachels expects that it will be ... The moral equivalence of killing and letting die is difficult to notice because it is commonly the case that those who allow death don’t wish the endangered to die, but can only save ...

    • Personality, Behaviour and Multiple Sclerosis - euRIMS

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      Personality, Behaviour and Multiple Sclerosis ... the person is a single parent. Olivia talked about her life in a bright and cheerful way saying that she was fine and had no problems. She reported that she lived with her son and that he looked after her. She went on to say that he

    • The Dog Ate My Disk, and Other Tales of Woe

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      The Dog Ate My Disk, and Other Tales of Woe ... My roommate, who is a horrible person, likes to party, and I, who am a good person, cannot concentrate on my work when he or she is partying. Variations include stories about the two people next door who were running around and

    • Wellness Workshop Thought Wellness

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      Instead of insisting “I am perfect and never make a mistake” or “I am a horrible person, I messed up/I’m giving up….” acknowledge a mistake, forgive yourself, and move forward with your life 6. The Survey Method – Ask yourself “Would other people agree that the thought is valid?”

    • [From Chapter 3 of The Power of Focusing by Ann Weiser ...

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      The Power of Focusing. by Ann Weiser Cornell] Imagine that y ou are in a meadow, at the edge of a forest. As you stand there quietly, you see a shy ... What a horrible person I am to feel that!" You may try to be "reasonable" about your feelings: "There's no reason to be scared." Or you may try to talk