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    • A Brief Tutorial on Maxent - University of Florida

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      Cross-validation has one big advantage over using a single training/test split: it uses all of the data for validation, thus making better use of small data sets. As an example, doing a run with the number of replicates set to 10 creates 10 html pages, plus a page that …

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    • CS 6903/4903 Big Data Analysis for Information Security

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      A project-oriented hands-on course focuses on big data analysis for information security in distributed and parallel environment. Students will explore key concepts of data analysis and distributed and parallel processing system architecture applied to massive network traffic datasets to support real-time decision making for security threats in ...

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    • Home | SCINet | USDA Scientific Computing Initiative

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      Big milestones: 1999 invention of the GPU for image based AI, 2002 amazon brings cloud storage to masses, 2004 new algorithm for coping with the data explosion - MapReduce, 2012 big advances in Deep Learning (images)


    • Hybrid Cloud Services Solution Overview

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      The Blazent Data Intelligence platform transforms and validates IT data, enabling enterprises and managed service providers to make business decisions based upon complete and accurate data. By leveraging a Data Quality Management solution, DCS will maximize IT data intelligence, while minimizing the cost and effort associated with managing data ...

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    • Pennsylvania State University

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      Define big-data and big-data warehouses Ex: Target advertising pregnancy items to a teen who had not told her family she was pregnant (the retailer learned of her condition from tracking software) Ex: FitBit identifying a woman is pregnant before she knew herself- is it ethical for FitBit to collect and sell this data to retailers who may want ...

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    • www.accelebrate.com

      How Google Monitoring differs from Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail. Create a Deployment Manager deployment. Update a Deployment Manager deployment. View the load on a VM instance using Google Monitoring. Big Data and Machine Learning in the Cloud . Use cases for the products and services in the Google Cloud big data and machine learning ...