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      America has lost jobs overseas, like shoes and textiles, you could bring these jobs back." Currently, states are spending approximately $25 billion a year on corrections. Approximately 1.1 million Americans are in prison today (in 1980 the number was 316,000); 3 out of every 100 American adults are in prison or on parole or probation.


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      outsourcing . jobs, both skilled and unskilled, to low-wage countries. A number of factors determine whether a company makes or buys the products it markets as well as where it makes or buys it. OVERVIEW. Europe is famous as a source for fine leather goods such as handbags and shoes. Each year, consumers in Europe buy 2.5 billion pairs of shoes.

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      In Linda Myers’ report on outsourcing, it is noted what type of jobs are being lost and that they are indeed including white-collar service jobs. Unlike in 2001, jobs in the service sector – figuratively piled atop physical labour-intensive jobs – are being exported “from the United States and Great Britain to India”.


    • Social Service Outsourcing to CSOs

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      Potential loss of flexibility. Quite apart from the impact that outsourcing can have on the ability of civil society organizations to give voice to important perspectives, outsourcing can also lead to greater bureaucratization within the nonprofit sector because of reporting and staffing requirements of government agencies.

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    • The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector in the ...

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      Outsourcing is ‘the delegation of tasks or jobs from internal production to an external entity’. In its broadest sense it refers to “the practice of hiring a third-party suppliers to carry out some of the functions of an organisation”.

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    • The Emerging Offshore Outsourcing Market:

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      317,000 net new jobs are expected to be created by 2008 in IT and non-IT industries because of offshore outsourcing. Even though offshore outsourcing will shift some IT jobs overseas, the positive effect that offshore outsourcing will have on the economy will end up creating more jobs in the long run. (See Graph 1 below.) Graph 1. Increased ...

    • The Engineering Workforce: Current State, Issues, and ...

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      Unfortunately, we have no reliable numbers on outsourcing of engineering jobs. Surveys of employers by the Information Technology Association of America find that 12 percent of IT companies have moved jobs offshore and only 3 percent of non-IT firms have done so [7]. The jobs are most likely to be in the programming/software engineering category.

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      Outsourcing Jobs (ABC News video) File name: outsourcing.mov. Shipping jobs overseas, outsourcing is bad for America. You all know that’s true right? After all during the election everyone talked about that. {George Bush speaking} We care about outsourcing in America and want people working here. {John Kerry speaking} We value an America that ...

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      6. Outsourcing _____. a. is beneficial for American workers. b. is disliked by many Americans. c. is less likely in free-trade industries. d. is subcontracting jobs to American companies. e. was heavily used to design the Boeing 747. 7. When are politicians most likely to listen to the concerns of immigrants?