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      We're a family-owned mortgage lender that’s dedicated to providing a customer-first home loan experience. For over 20 years, we've helped customers every step of the way with their home loan …

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    • Down Payment Assistance Policy - National American Indian ...

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      DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM . POLICY. These policies and procedures were adopted by the (name of TDHE/TRIBE) by Resolution #_____ on _____ __, ____. (Note: This is a model policy …

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      In and around the specific sites to be selected and the agricultural and rangelands benefitting from the Project, the following are expected: (a) restoration and maintenance of land resources and functions, and ecosystem integrity and services; (b) restoration and conservation of soil and water resources and functions, leading to higher net ...

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    • FINANCING PLAN (IN US$): - World Bank

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      Financing Plan (US$) GEF Program/Component Program . Phase 1 10,000,000. PDF A 0 PDF B 435,750 PDF C 50 Sub-Total GEF (The Project anticipates a second phase request for an additional $10 …

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    • FINANCING PLAN (IN US$): - World Bank

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      The data are presented below, including amounts provided against loan losses and net loan exposures: Kina millions Dec 02 Dec 03 June 04. Gross Loans 22.1 25.9 32.4 Provisions 5.2 3.2* 3.2** Net Loans …

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      The Virginia Small Business Financing Authority's (VSBFA) Loan Guaranty Program. is designed to assist Virginia's small businesses in obtaining the capital they need to improve and expand their operations and thereby create new job opportunities within the Commonwealth. ... have less than $2,000,000 in net …