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      Precalculus/Trig 3 Name _____ Graphing Secant & Cosecant Worksheet . Without using a calculator. ... Without using a calculator. Sketch two periods of the function in radians. Identify the amplitude, period, where all VAs occur, and any reflections, vertical shifts, and phase shifts. 2.

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      Find the amplitude, period, and frequency of the function and use this information (not your calculator) to sketch a graph of the function over two periods. (no calc) 1. y = 2 cos 2. y = 20 sin 4x. Describe the graph of the function in terms of a basic trig function. Locate the vertical asymptotes and graph two periods of the function. (no calc) 3.

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      You should know the values of the six trig functions at any angle that has a standard reference angle. That means that you do not need a calculator to find these values. This knowledge should let you bound or estimate the values at other angles. 4. Sketch the angle. Evaluate the function at the given angle without a calculator.

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      Trig Unit Part II. You Can, without a calculator, when given an equation in the form or , … Tell what transformations were done to the parent function or . Determine the period, amplitude, vertical shift, maximum value, minimum value, phase shift and equation of the center line axis. Draw the graph and label all key points

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      2. Find the exact value of the expression without a calculator. a. cos-1 b. tan-1 c. cos-1. 3. Describe the end behavior of the function y = tan-1x. Composing Trig and Inverse Trig Function. We have already seen the need for caution when applying the Inverse Composition Rule to the trig functions and their inverses (example 1e and 2c).

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      You may use a calculator. ... WS 5.2- Trig Chart. Complete the chart with the exact values of the six trigonometric functions for the given angle measurements. ... Sine/Cosine Amplitude. This page will help you investigate and . Be sure that your graphing calculator is …

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      Precalculus/Trig 3 Name _____ Tangent & Cotangent Graphs Worksheet. Without using a calculator. Identify the amplitude, period, all VAs, and any shifts or reflections that occur on the graph.

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      Oct 09, 2007 · *Use a calculator or table to find the exact value of each expression. Express angle measures in radians. TG-8 Review Practice Set E #2, 5, 6, 7. Practice Set F #12, 18, 20, 26, 36, 38. Practice Set J #11, 15, 19, 23 Practice Set A: Graphing Period and Amplitude Find the amplitude and period of each graph. 1. 2. 3.

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      What is the approximate amplitude of the graph? (Use the TRACE key on your calculator to trace to a high point and find this). How do the amplitude and period of this graph compare to normal sin(x) or normal cos(x)? Explain. Multiplying Periodic Functions: As you complete the following, keep your calculator in the Trig WINDOW.

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      Amplitude: 3 Period: Amplitude: 2 Period: Phase shift: N/A Vertical shift: Down 2 Phase shift: N/A Vertical shift: Up 1 Graphing Sine and Cosine Fill in the blanks and graph. 9) 10) Domain: Range: Domain: Range: Amplitude: 2 Period: Amplitude: 1 Period: π

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