Amplitude period and phase shift

    • [DOC File]LESSON X - University of Toledo

      i) the amplitude ii) the period iii) phase shift iv) vertical translation v) equation of sinusoidal or median axis vi) minimum value and when it occurs vii) maximum value and …

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    • [DOC File]Graphing Sine and Cosine – Worksheet #1

      Describing sinusoidal curves with Amplitude, Period, Phase Shift 1) Find the amplitude, period, and phase shift of each equation, then graph it, showing at least one period (cycle). (Remember that phase shift is the same as C, and that you might have to do some math to put the above equation into the familiar format) Amplitude: Period: Phase Shift:

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    • [DOC File]TRANSFORMATIONS of Trigonometric Functions

      # Function Amplitude Period Phase Shift Vertical. Shift 7. Cosine 0.6 4( None None 8. Sine 5 None Up 2 9. Cosine 15 4( Left Down 10 10. Sine Right none Find the equation of each graph: (assume no phase shifts have taken place) 11. 12. 13. Graph at least two cycles of each equation. Label each quarter point and asymptote. 14. y = 3 sec 2x 15.

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    • Amplitude and Period for Sine and Cosine Functions Worksheet

      Period, amplitude and phase shift in s.h.m. Period and amplitude. The period of a body undergoing simple harmonic motion can be shown to be independent of the amplitude of the motion. We will start by assuming an equation for T that depends on the force on the body F, its displacement x …

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    • [DOC File]Period amplitude and phase shift - schoolphysics

      Amplitude = 2 Period = = Phase Shift: None. Since there is no phase shift and the period is , then the first cycle starts at 0 and end at . The second cycle starts at and ends at . y. 2 x x. 2. First, sketch the graph of . Since the sine function is an odd function, then . Thus, we have that =

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      Amplitude: 4. Period: 3π. Phase Shift: -2 Title: Graphing with Phase Shift Homework Author: Susan Last modified by: Susan Created Date: 11/7/2007 1:25:00 AM Other titles:

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    • Transformation Of Trigonometric Graphs (video lessons ...

      amplitude = a = 10. Period = Phase shift is where the curve is rising at the average: 2) The high temperature of 28(C occurs at 2 PM and the average temperature of 20(C occurs . 6 hours later. MA 15400 Lesson 8 Section 6.5 Trigonometric Graphs ((Period = …

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    • Algebra II/ Trig Honors Graphing Trig Functions Review ...

      Amplitude: 3 Period: Amplitude: 2 Period: Phase shift: N/A Vertical shift: Down 2 Phase shift: N/A Vertical shift: Up 1 Graphing Sine and Cosine Fill in the blanks and graph. 9) 10) Domain: Range: Domain: Range: Amplitude: 2 Period: Amplitude: 1 Period: π ...

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    • [DOC File]Find the amplitude, the period, and the phase shift

      Determine the amplitude, period, phase shift, and vertical shift for each. 1.y = 2 sin 3x2.y = sin (x − π) 3.y = 3 cos 4x4.y = 3 sin 6x − 3

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