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    • Gallery: Change of command for the 380th

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      The Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts on the Boston Common, Monday, June 04, 2018. Staff photo by Angela Rowlings. Outgoing Captain Commanding LTC Dennis C. O'Brien leads members of The Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts in a parade on the Boston …

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      2018-09-21 · the Honorable Federica Sereni, as well as key members of her staff. The Mass will be preceded by an Honor Guard by sailors stationed on the USS Constitution. Dignitaries of the various organizations and public of fi cials will parade up and down Hanover Street following the Mass to greet residents and visitors to the North End.

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    • 03/10/2017 Neighbors News

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      viewing the parade is to stake out a spot anywhere along roadway to ... was unveiled at the Vatican Museum is at Faneuil Hall in Boston, until March 26th, 2017. ‘Life of a Swiss Guard’, reveals the most photographed military corps in the world in a new light, away from the uniforms and flags. The exhibit was prominently displayed in the Vatican Museums Cortile delle Co-razze in Rome last ...

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    • Paul’s Picks! - Cloudinary

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      ANCIENT & HONORABLE ARTILLERY COMPANY PARADE • June 5 • Faneuil Hall to Boston Common • ahac.us.com TWILIGHT GARDEN PARTY ••June 6 @6pm-8:30pm Prudential Center gardenclubbackbay.org AFRICAN AMERICAN TOURS • June 6-July 1 Tuesdays-Saturdays • Boston Common Visitors Center • thefreedomtrail.org

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      YORK," OF THE ANCIENT AND HONORABLE ORDER OF FREE AND ACCEPTED MASONS, To her trusty and trell beloved Sister State Grand Lodges o/ these United Slates o/ America, who, in accordance arith the Ancient Constitution of the Fraternity, hold themselves to be Independent and Sovereign Bodies Eith- in their respective States: GREETING ;

    • Murder and the Death Penalty in Massachusetts

      Federal Street to watch Boston’s Ancient and Honorable Artillery Com-pany parade with the London Honourables, On Leong retaliated against Hip Sing by murdering Wong Yak Chung in Chinatown. On Leong’s so-called hatchet man, Wong Chung, was arrested running from the scene of the crime. The police then swept though Chinatown, rounding up other

    • Ancient and Honorable^ Artillery Company

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      would,therefore,seemthatthetitle“Honorable”wasgiven by common consent as the Company wascomposed of the foremost men in thetown, and many of the captains had been

    • www.sailsinc.org

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      epeared in Boston as supernumery in Ancient and Honorable Artillery Parade, clad in military uniform." In Somerset in 1832 Wheaton Luther, age 76 died. His records show he served in the war, was at the battle of Princetown, and received a sergeant's pension under the Act of 1832. That amount couldn't have been much. A private in the Continental ...

    • The Rev. James T. O’Reilly OSA Division Eight Ancient ...

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      The Rev. James T. O’Reilly OSA Division Eight Ancient Order of Hibernians Lawrence, Massachusetts “147 Years of Dedication to Religion, Heritage, Charity and Community”

    • Paul’s Picks!

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      ANCIENT & HONORABLE PARADE •• June 6 Faneuil Hall to Boston Common • ahac.hs.com BOSTON TRIVIA QUIZ NIGHT •• • June 6 @6pm Old South Meeting House osmh.org FREE WALKING TOURS OF THE PUBLIC GARDEN • Tuesday-Thursday @4pm May-September friendsofthepublicgarden.org

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