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    • PDF The Winter Solstice - LessonSnips

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      Most ancient faiths and cultures celebrated the winter solstice in some way. To some, the sun was a god. The winter solstice meant that a new god had come to replace the old one. Some considered the winter solstice a promise of new life and thanked their fertility gods. Many considered it a new lease on life, a promise that another growing

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      Believed sun died during winter solstice then rose again as solstice ended. •December 25 also birth date of Persian/Iranian mystery god Mithras, Sun of Righteousness, god of light, "Grand Deliverer." •Horus, son of Isis (Egyptian title for queen of heaven,)born also at this time (winter solstice) Origins of Christmas

    • PDF The evolution of Christmas: The ancient roots of our modern ...

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      significance was imposed on the Solstice by correlating this time of year with the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. This was the beginning of the evolution of Christmas. The ancient winter celebrations that were held to honor the rebirth of the Sun God, instead were being adapted to honor the birth of the Son of God (though the best


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      Newgrange on the winter Solstice reminds many of the ancient religion of Ireland. Traditional & Ancient Religions TRADITIONAL AND ANCIENT RELIGIONS: Druidry, Celtic Spirituality, Wicca/Witchcraft and Shamanism ... who emphasise the integration of the ancient and Christian traditions in perfect ...


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      In some traditions, Litha is a time at which there is a battle between light and dark. The . Oak King is seen as the ruler of the year between winter solstice and summer solstice, and the Holly King from summer to winter. ... Other ancient ways in which to use the element of fire in celebrating the

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      Scripture are traditions rooted in the celebration of the winter solstice. As Christians consider the birth of Jesus to be the coming of the true light into the world, the celebration of Christmas easily incorporated ancient winter solstice traditions. Displaying boughs of evergreens, holly, and mistletoe is one of those ancient

    • PDF Soul-stice Fires

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      it in the ancient celebrations of the mid winter solstice -- traditions all across the globe, all across the earth, of people creating rituals of fire and light, joy and giving, in response to the harshness of winter. In this darkest time of year, we see inside of us a drive to


      playacting, and caroling are all fun traditions you might have your group try. And, since food and drink are the life force of any party, try out some of the old recipes: wassail, eggnog, pumpkin pie, pfeffernusse cookies, tang yuan rice balls, St. Lucia buns, black fruitcake. The list goes on and on! Happy solstice!

    • PDF Italian Christmas Traditions - Meetup

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      Five Famous Italian Christmas Traditions Italian Christmas traditions generally blend of classical Roman traditions. It derives from the ancient Roman heritage of the region with a holiday called Saturnalia, a winter solstice festival, and ended with the Roman New Year, the Calends . Today it is celebrated December 24-January 6, or Christmas Eve

    • PDF Where ancient traditions thrive Hawaii Kotohira Jinsha Hawaii ...

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      actually are linked to Winter Solstice celebrations of ancient Pagan cultures. The ancient Europeans deco-rated their homes in Druidic holiday colors red, green, and white. Holly, ivy, evergreen boughs, and pine cones, a sprig of mistletoe was hung above a major threshold as a charm for good luck throughout the year. At the heart of Saturnalia was


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      In many traditions, the winter solstice marks the victory of the Sun over the increasing darkness and the beginning of its march northward toward summer and light. This is the turning point and it also marks the first day of winter. In most ancient societies the winter solstice was celebrated

    • PDF A Nordic celebration of the WINTER SOLSTICE with traditional ...

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      A Nordic celebration of the WINTER SOLSTICE with traditional carols, dance & drama BJ DOUGLAS, director MEGAN OBERFIELD, music director MARY E. LYNN, producer ... traditions, tunes, stories, songs, poems, and dances. ... This ancient ritual dance for good luck in the hunt is still danced yearly ...

    • PDF Christmas History, Tradition & Symbols The History of Holly ...

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      Christmas History, Tradition & Symbols The History of Holly and Ivy Holly (Ilex) and ivy (Hedera helix) have been used as winter decorations since ancient times. Adorning homes with these plants freshened the air and their greenery reminded occupants of the coming spring. While the c old, dark days of winter turne d much of the landscape dreary,

    • PDF The Ancient and Pagan Origin of Christmas - Lapid Judaism

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      The Ancient and Pagan Origin of Christmas Most of the traditions we practice on December 25th have nothing to do with the birth of Jesus, which probably actually occurred in late summer or early fall.


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      Solstice DECEMBER 21ST Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. It is the day when there festival celebrates the return of the light and the fact that the days will begin to get longer. Winter Sol-stice was celebrated in ancient Rome and Brit-ain before Christianity, and many Winter Solstice traditions have ...

    • PDF Predicting with the Winter Solstice Chart

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      Winter Solstice chart with reference to a person's natal and progressed Sun is a quick and easy way to derive information about that person's upcoming year. Reading the Solstice Chart Whether you're doing a mundane or a personal reading, you can, of course, use your own favorite techniques to read the solstice chart.

    • PDF Winter Solstices and Equinoxes Activity

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      Winter Solstice Has Been Celebrated Since Ancient Times The holiday timing of the winter solstice is rooted in ancient religions. Throughout history, humans have observed this seasonal milestone and created spiritual and cultural traditions to celebrate the rebirth of sunlight after the darkest period of the year.

    • PDF China: No Wind Or Solar If It Can't Beat Coal On Price

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      Whether you're looking for an excuse to travel the world or want to learn about another culture's traditions at home, the winter solstice is the perfect opportunity to celebrate in a new way. ... This contemporary interpretation of ancient. Capital One BrandVoice: Winter Solstice Celebrations ...

    • PDF Winter Solstice Celebrations: Roman Saturnalia and Modern ...

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      Doble, Rick Winter Solstice Celebrations: Roman Saturnalia and Modern Christmas Page 4 of 15 In our modern scientific age, we understand the laws that govern planetary motion, so that we are certain the sun will return each year from its lowest point at the winter solstice.


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      IRANIAN TRADITIONS & BELIEFS.YALDÂ FESTIVAL The Birth of God Mithra & Significance of Winter Solstice in Iranian Culture By Massoume Price Edition by CAIS Why Celebrate Yalda and not Christmas? While the Christians celebrate Christmas, the Iranians, particularly Zarthushtis celebrate one

    • PDF Traditions of the SUN

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      corner of an ancient wall of the great house, Pueblo Bonito, on the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. Scientists today observe the Sun with satellites and telescopes, but Sun watching isn't new. People have been observing the Sun and its patterns for a very long time. Sun watchers studied the Sun's


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      For the Zuni of western New Mexico the winter solstice signifies the beginning of the year. It is celebrated with a ceremonial dance called Shalako. Twelve 12-foot high kachina clowns join the already dancing Shalako. The Hopi, since ancient times of the Anasazi, take a keen interest in the sun's movement. At the setting of the sun at the eve ...

    • PDF Yule Traditions and History - Meetup

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      Yule Traditions and History Yule, sometimes pronounced "you all" or "jol" is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and the longest night of the year. Yule in Old Norse means "Feast" or "Wheel". In the old Almanacs, the symbol of a wheel was used to mark Yuletide.

    • PDF Season's Greetings!!

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      The Winter Solstice In astronomy, the winter solstice is the moment when the earth is at a point in its orbit where one hemisphere is most inclined away from the sun. As the date of the winter solstice approaches, the days get progressively shorter, leading some ancient people to believe that the sun, an object of worship, was dying.

    • PDF The Shocking Truth about Christmas - Faithfulword Assembly

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      to their origins. Many of our cherished traditions are buried deep in the pagan past. In fact, when Christmas was first officially established, the date coincided with ancient celebrations of the sun's rebirth at the winter solstice. The church saw no reason to destroy the old customs, and so they were adopted to fit our celebration of the ...


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      in the coming of the shortest day of the year—the Winter Solstice. Today, we often enjoy holiday traditions without knowing where they came from. We sing songs, display colored lights, and repeat special activities with friends and family. Holly wreaths, chocolate coins, sharing special foods, giving gifts, candles lit in a row—

    • PDF Join us as we celebrate the Winter Solstice

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      monuments is still debated, their importance on the winter solstice continues to this day with thousands of people gathering to witness and celebrate the solstice sunrise or sunset. Out of the ancient winter solstice celebrations and rituals came many of the most well-known Christmas traditions.

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