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      the annual income calculation. Refer to Attachment 9-A to review income and asset types, guidance for annual and repayment purposes, and documentation options acceptable to verify the income or asset source. B. Calculation of Annual Income Annual income …

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    • Compliance Income Calculation Worksheet

      Compliance Income Calculation Worksheet Compliance income is the anticipated income for all persons intending to occupy the property. Verify all income from all sources for all occupants. Payroll Factors: Payroll Frequency Payroll Factor Hourly 2080 Weekly 52 Bi-weekly 26 Bi-monthly 24 Monthly 12

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    • How to Evaluate and Calculate Borrower Income

      04/12/2019 1 How to Evaluate and Calculate Borrower Income - Designs for Learning® Focus on Base, Hourly, Overtime, Bonus and Commission

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      Annual Income = Hourly rate x 40 (hours) x 52 (weeks) $ Step 2 Monthly Income = Annual Income /12 $ Section 1b: Hourly – Hours vary – Full Doc Definition: Paid hourly (if the borrower works more or less than 40 hours per week) Subtotal Total Step 1 Enter the current year to date base earnings from VOE $

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    • Income Series: Review and Calculate Base Income

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      –If paid hourly, the number of hours must be noted on the paystub –Dated within 30 days of application; If stale dated ask applicant for more recent stub. –YTD income must be provided and should be consistent with monthly income. –Note any commission, overtime, or bonus income-don’t use if …

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    • Presented by Genworth Mortgage Insurance May 2017

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      total annual employment income, any unreimbursed business expenses must be subtracted from the gross commission income –Income that does not have a defined expiration date (long term disability, interest ... – Must include employment date, position, income types (base, hourly rate),


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      WAGE CALCULATION WORKSHEET 3/12 If the employment verification states both an hourly wage and a year-to-date wage; use this worksheet to calculate the higher of the two. Use the highest calculation of income to determine the applicant’s eligibility. Property Name: Unit #: Applicant Name: Employer: HOURLY WAGE CALCULATION