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    • A Lesson in Word Choice for Elementary Students

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      Some variety of choices is always good. You might have them write a paper describing their favorite place or favorite person. Remind them to use words that appeal to the senses and to avoid tired words like nice and very. 6. Use the checklist for the trait of word choice to …


    • Elements of Style

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      two words that appear to contradict one another. Example: jumbo shrimp, pretty ugly, friendly enemy, terribly nice, Jewish food. Paradox: an assertion that seems to defy common sense, but that may yet have some truth in it. Example * What a pity that youth must …


    • How to be a friend

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      Sarcasm can be a form of teasing. The words in this kind of teasing are nice, but the way the words are spoken adds to the teasing of sarcasm. When you use nice comments to be sarcastic, you exaggerate the expression in your voice and on your face. Say each phrase on the left in a sarcastic tone to show the meaning on the right.

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    • Westminster Theological Journal 55 (1993) 255-80

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      Westminster Theological Journal 55 (1993) 255-80. Copyright © 1993 by Westminster Theological Seminary, cited with permission.

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    • Writing (Your Own) Letters of Recommendation

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      Finally, in addition to intelligence and perseverance, Applicant is a really nice person to work with. She is mature and up-beat, takes responsibility for her decisions, has a terrific smile and energetic personality. Personally, I feel these additional “non-academic” qualities are nearly as important as scholarly abilities.


    • nice-network.org

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      Application Form. NICE Argentina, Tel. ephone +54 351 4076198. Mariano Moreno 189, 5000 Córdoba . NICE Germany, Tel. ephone +49 30 66406841. Torstr. 20, 10119 Berlin