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      Its antonym is brevity and conciseness. Usually everywhere politicians and government officials adopt this circumlocution, e.g. the traditional red tape. Before: The minister will cause inquiries to be instituted with a view to ascertaining the views of the general public upon the subject of national dietary standards.

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      passionate. poor. adaptive. Choose the correct meaning for the word, Incessant. to reduce poverty. a reason to do something. continuing without pause. a minor part. Directions: Read the passage. Then answer the questions below. Small passage will be given here. This passage is most likely an excerpt from . the case study of a …

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      Proctor's passionate outburst at the end of the act with the court's interpretation of his remarks – Miller's comment in the stage directions that Abigail, "out of her infinite charity, reaches out and draws the sobbing Mary to her…" – Proof and Confessions in Act Three of The Crucible – Part Two. Directions.

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      3) Antonym (opposite) _____ (it’s a vocabulary word from this year!!!) 4) Synonym (similar) _____ 5) Read the following sentence. Rewrite only the bolded sentences, using your own words. “When we reached the colmado, Mami spoke so swiftly to Senor Garcia that I could hardly understand a word.

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      Adjective Spanish Antonym Noun Adverb absent-minded despistado attentive absent-mindedness absentmindedly affable afable unfriendly affability affably agreeable agradable disagreeable agreeability agreeably ambitious ambicioso lazy, unambitious ambition ambitiously approachable accesible unapproachable approachability annoying irritante pleasant annoying annoyingly attractive atractivo ...

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      14. Which of the following is an antonym for the word wintry as it is used in Abigail's statement to Proctor, "You are no wintry man"? A passionate. B feeble. C calculating. D unemotional. 15. Giles Corey's first words in response to Rebecca's warning to "keep the quiet" show him to be-A defensive. B judgmental. C self-righteous. D scornful. 16.

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      Vocabulary Antonym Chains #4. Directions: Using the pool of words below, first determine the antonym for each vocabulary word. Then, find the TWO synonyms that chain the vocabulary word to the antonym. For example: polite -- nice -- decent -- rude. All of the words will be used! Word Pool

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      Antonym. annoying. 恼人的 nǎorén de/ molesta. an‧noy‧ing. making you feel slightly angry. irritating, aggravating, troublesome. soothing. arrogant. 傲慢 àomàn/ arrogante. ar ‧ ro ‧ gant. behaving in an unpleasant or rude way because you think you are more important than other people. cocky, smug, conceited. humble. anxious. 急 ...

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