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      AP Psychology. In addition to the information in this study guide, you are also responsible for all of the content in textbook (Prologue), all information from class notes/discussions, all handouts and graphic organizers. It’s AP – it’s all fair game (Terms & Concepts. structuralism functionalism. behaviorism. humanistic psychology

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      Honors Psychology . Course Description. Psychology is a fascinating, wide ranging and complex study of the myriad factors influencing human behavior and mental processes. We will evaluate different approaches to psychology and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different research methods.

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      Psychology Chapter 11: Personality Webquest. Directions: You have Friday, May 11th through Tuesday, May 15th to answer the following questions below using your textbook and the websites provided for each section. Type your answers directly on this sheet.

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      Students are exposed to the psychological facts, principles, and phenomena associated with each of the major subfields within psychology. They also learn about the ethics and methods psychologists use in their science and practice.” (College Board, 2008, 2009 AP Psychology Course Description, 3)

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      ____5.Most psychologists would agree that personality traits. a. appear to be stable over time.b.are not useful predictors of mortality, divorce, or occupational attainment. c.seem to be stable across situations. d.stabilize early in life. e.are not socially significant.

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