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      May 22 1945 – WW2: - United States Army Major Robert B. Staver recommends that the U.S. evacuate German scientists and engineers to help in the development of rocket technology. 104 German rocket scientists from Operation Paperclip. May 22 1947 – Cold War:

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      Feb 19, 2015 · The WW2 Aussie tugs I know of, Post- WW2 ST’s, and a photo gallery are now on the website in a seperate file from this list of USA-sourced WW2 ST tugs. Only those harbor tugboats considered “first line” with a US Army assigned and verifiable ST or RT number are listed.

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      Jun 17 1940 – WW2: ... made up for the disparity in the sizes of the armies. By 18 JUN, the arrival of significant reinforcements from Lee's army made further assaults impractical. ... Unit Citation in South Korea for its stubborn defense of Sanghong–Jong–Ni during the Communist Chinese offensive of April 1951. Jun 22 1955 – Cold War ...

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      Died in c.1976. James was enlisted in WW2 in the Pioneer Corps, but his peacetime occupation was in the cotton mills. He was known as ‘Jimmy’. He never became married, and had no children. Born in Blackburn, 1 Aug 1929. Died in 2001. Ellen, known as ‘Nellie’ was never married and had no children. She was a cotton mill worker. Died in c ...

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      The Navy Unit Commendation (NUC) and Meritorious Unit Commendation (MUC) may be awarded to units of the Army, Air Force or Coast Guard with concurrence of the parent service. PRISONER OF WAR MEDAL – PW. a. Authorization. 10 U.S.C. 1128. b. Eligibility Requirements.

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      Gloves ($10-50): I do not suggest using WW2 original army gloves in the field. The U.S. issued Army gloves were green wool, with a leather palm. The Red Cross also, made gloves for the troops to supplement the government supply. These Red Cross gloves are brown wool and have a Red Cross ID tag on it. Acceptable is the modern US army glove inserts.

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      RG 112: Records of the Office of the Surgeon General (Army), 1775 - 1994 - Page 73 RG 117: Records of the American Battle Monuments Commission, 1918 - ca. 1995 - Page 74 RG 121: Records of the Public Buildings Service, 1801 - 2000 - Page 75

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      The last variant was a window fan. This unit employed the large pivoting fan and housing mounted in an adjustable frame that could adapt to a variety of window sizes. This fan could pivot about 360 degrees horizontally. With the air flow pointed out, this fan was powerful enough to serve as a …

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      basic unit is the bargaining unit, composed of a group of employees working in a single plant (in NA, most common model). may also be a class of employee employed in various locations by the same employer . or a certain class of employee working for many different employers . most common in EU, found in NA in construction, hospitals, etc.

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      M.P.-units of different sizes, were all headed by a provost marshal of different ranks. In a division, in the pre-war days of a square four regiment national guard division, the M.P. unit was a company of 185 enlisted men and two officers, the commander being the captain.

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