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      The unit supply NCO will have a master inventory for the property keys he is hand receipted for from the Battalion S4. (c) Verify the KCO has a 5513-R FOR ISSUE ONLY for each custodial area that includes the key serial numbers, and the number of keys ONLY (DOES NOT include lock locations!)—again, the Battalion S4 has the property keys master ...

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    • [DOCX File]Current Listing of Additional Skill Identifiers (ASI) and ...

      U.S. Army Intelligence Center & Ft Huachuca. a. ... For use with any enlisted MOS. Submit requests for award of ASI 3Y on DA Form 4187 (Request for Personnel Action) along with a current Enlisted Record Brief (ERB) and supporting documentation (such as a course completion certificate, proof of meeting the assignment requirement in an approved ...

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    • [DOC File]UNIT LETTER HEAD - United States Army

      Request for Issue/Turn-In, DA Form 3161 dated _____, Hand Receipt Account#_____. Damage statement: During the period 14-15 December, 2000, the Lecternette described above was damaged during transport from the parade field after a scheduled ceremony.

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    • [DOCX File]

      ; only the last four is required. DO NOT ADD the ITEMS YOU HAVE PURCHASED to the QUANTITIES in COLUMN 1 on the DA Form 4886. 5. The Army Service Uniform (ASU) is a ONE-TIME issue. The United States Army Reserve Command (USARC) provides the funding for all Reserve Soldiers uniform issues** No funding comes from the Unit*. 6.

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    • [DOC File]REQUEST FOR ISSUE OR TURN-IN - United States Army

      c unit of issue. d quantity. e code* f supply action. g unit price. h total cost. i j. posted date by sheet total. grand total. 13. issue/turn-in “quantity” colm is requested date. by. 14. issue qty in “supply action” column date. by. 15. rec qty in “supply action” column date. by. da form 3161, may 83

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      Please furnish the following on the terms specified herein, including general provisions (AF Form 2210), special provisions as attached, and delivery as indicated. DELIVERY ORDER: This delivery order is issued in accordance with the contract (cited in block 2) and is subject to the general provisions of Air Force nonappropriated fund contracting.

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    • [DOC File]DA 3161 (MS Word) - REQUEST FOR …

      this form provided by sheet total grand total 13. issue/turn-in “quantity” colm is requested date by 14. issue qty in “supply action” column date by 15. rec qty in “supply action” column date by da form. may 83 3161 replaces edition of jun 73 which will be used until exhausted.

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    • [DOC File]PRACTICAL EXERCISE 1 - United States Army

      Violations of the law of war are inconsistent with the professional standards of this unit and the expectations of the American people. Soldiers who anticipate that they will be unable to comply with this policy letter should request transfer out of this unit. PRACTICAL EXERCISE 2. TRAINING EXERCISES TSP 181-A-1001. EXERCISE #2: 15 minutes ...

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      PURCHASE REQUEST AND COMMITMENT. For use of this form, see AR 37-1; the proponent agency is DASA/FM. 1. PURCHASE INSTRUMENT NO. 3. DATE. 24 January 2005. PAGE 1 OF 1 PAGES. 4. TO: Director of Contracting. 5. THRU: CJTF-76 RM. 6. FROM: Director Of Contracting. It is requested that the supplies and services enumerated below or an attached list be. 7.

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    • [DOCX File]Appendix 2.16 - Status Codes

      (2) If received in response to a follow-up (AF_) request, source of supply action to process subsequently received documents (A0_, AM_, AT_) will continue under regular MILSTRIP procedures. If requisitioning via submission of a new document number, submit a cancellation request prior to fund deobligation to ensure against a potential duplicate ...

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