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      Group and Aspen will pay to Apollo Management in consideration for its services under the Agreement an annual management consulting fee equal to the greater of (i) 1% of ... the Service Provider has expertise in the areas of finance, strategy, investment, acquisitions and other matters relating to the ... Company, its direct and indirect ...

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      A of the General Business Law, Eric T. Schneiderman, Attorney General of the State of New York, caused an inquiry to be made into certain business practices of Aspen Dental ... resources, accounting, finance, marketing and other business support services to . 2 ... C. ADMI’s Direct Communications with Dental Practice Staff


    • Catalyzing Smallholder Agricultural Finance - Aspen Institute

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      experts in the field of agricultural finance and smallholder value chains. ... Saurabh Lall, research Director at the Aspen Network of Development entrepreneurs. their generous contribution of time, direction, and energy ... Direct interviews were accompanied by an exhaustive


    • Department of Banking and Consumer Finance

      d/b/a Money Mart Direct, Aspen Financial Direct and Aspen Financial a Mississippi Corporation has complied with the provisions of SB 2409 entitled “The Mississippi Credit Availability Act.” NOW, THEREFORE, I, the duly authorized representative of the Department of Banking and Consumer Finance,

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    • E U R I A L EC O S N Y S E T R E P M ... - The Aspen Institute

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      DIRECT FINANCE PROVIDERS 30% international 70% SA only 53 ECOSYSTEM SUPPORT PLAYERS A survey of the support available for entrepreneurs in South Arica was undertaken by the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), South Africa. The Infographic below highlights the

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    • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Diagnostic Toolkit

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      2 Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs ... domains can be placed on a spectrum, ranging from a direct influence (through finance, business development services), partially direct influence (through policy, markets, human capital), and indirect influence (culture). While these are not rigid classifications, this classification can help

    • Opinions of the Colorado Supreme Court are available to ...

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      reasonably related to the direct or indirect cost of regulating the activity, such a charge ... to the City of Aspen Finance Department, and the department deposits it into the Waste Reduction and Recycling Account. § 13.24.050(d). The funds may not be used to supplant funds from the annual budget, and the funds never revert to the general ...

    • PLACE MATTERS tute.org

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      Ascend at the Aspen Institute and the Housing Opportunity and ... health, and best practices. She was formerly a clinician in direct-service settings in New York City, with a focus on maternal depression and cognitive behavioral therapy. ... as guidance on how to finance such services in public and mixed-income housing. This brief aims to

    • Providing Capital Building Communities - Aspen Institute

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      Aspen Institute Community Development Venture Capital Alliance National Community Investment Fund National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions Opportunity Finance Network The writers would like to thank the CDP Advisory Committee for its assistance and editorial guidance in this publication. Mark Pinsky, Chair Opportunity Finance ...

    • Providing Capital Building Communities - Aspen Institute

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      Development Financial Institutions: Providing Capital, Building Communities, Creating Impact analyzes fiscal year 2007 data collected through the CDP from 508 CDFIs. The writers would like to thank the CDP Advisory Committee for its assistance and editorial guidance in this publication. Mark Pinsky (Chair) Opportunity Finance Network