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    • [PDF File]Measng i ur Austraails’ Digital Divide

      use of digital technologies – to manage their health and wellbeing, access education and services, organise their finances, and connect with friends, family, and the world beyond. The Australian Digital Inclusion Index (ADII) was first published in 2016, providing the most comprehensive picture of Australia’s online participation to date.

    • [PDF File]The Australian Early Development Index (AEDI)

      •The majority of Australian children are doing well across the AEDI domains •23.6% of Australian children are developmentally vulnerable on one or more AEDI domains •Girls are more likely to be developmentally on track than boys Source: Centre for Community Child Health and …

    • [PDF File]Australia - Human Development

      Australia Introduction This briefing note is organized into ten sections. The first section presents information on the country coverage and methodology of the 2018 Statistical Update. The next five sections provide information about key indicators of human development including the Human Development Index (HDI), the


      A key source has been the Australian Education Index (AEI), which is compiled and published by ACER. We have concentrated on documents written about school leadership in Australia or relating to school leadership issues in Australia. Other contributions by Australian researchers and policy makers to the wider international literature on school

    • [PDF File]Index of educational disadvantage 2012

      Department for Education and Child Development – Index of Educational Disadvantage 2012 Updated March 2015 1 . Index of Educational Disadvantage . By School . The following table provides the 2012 Index of Educational Disadvantage for all South Australian Government schools. Table 1: Index of Educational Disadvantage for SA Government schools

    • [PDF File]Classificação de Periódicos /CAPES 2016- 2017 ISSN Título ...

      0342-7633 adult education and development b1 0169-409x advanced drug delivery reviews a1 2196-7350 advanced materials interfaces a2 1662-8985 advanced materials research (online) b3 1936-6612 advanced science letters b3 2164-6627 advanced science, engineering and medicine b4.

    • [PDF File]List of Education Journals - Library Information Services

      List of Education Journals Compiled by: Library Information Services, Islamabad. Page 1 Sr. No. Title ISSN Impact Factor URL 1 Academy of management learning &


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    • [PDF File]Index of Educational Disadvantage By School

      Index of Educational Disadvantage By School The following table provides the 2012 Index of Educational Disadvantage for all open South Australian Government schools. Some schools have had their index revised since 2012, please check the start date. Note: School …

    • Australian Education Amendment Act 2017 No. 78, 2017

      6 Australian Education Amendment Act 2017 No. 78, 2017 (except where the substituted numbers are published to take account of changes in the index reference period).

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