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      ) s nástrojom pre správu dokumentov Autodesk Vault. a s podnikovými ERP aplikáciami. Technická dokumentácia musí byť archivovaná a evidovaná podľa dohodnutých pravidiel. Každý dokument má určenú platnosť, musí byť známy pôvodca, vlastník, správca a musia obsahovať ďalšie informácie:

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    • OCTE

      TDJ3M1. Technological Design. 3D Computer Modelling: Wooden Toy Vehicle. Abstract. This document was produced by the Ontario Council for Technological Education (OCTE). It may be

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    • [DOCX File]Exhibit 1

      Autodesk will provide product support, as determined by Autodesk, to assist with the set-up and installation of Autodesk Software Products in preparation for training on Autodesk Software Products at the Site. Before contacting Autodesk, the ATC is required to use their best efforts to research an answer to the question by using the knowledge base help files and other tools that are made ...

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    • Manufacturing Technology

      Autodesk Inventor UNIT 3 PRODUCT DESIGN. Industrial Design. Manufacturing Processes. Tools and Materials. Project Management. manufacturing processes: production, assembly, material processing. safety awareness in an industrial environment. design and …

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    • [DOC File]Park Forest Middle School - SCASD

      Autodesk Inventor®, the best-selling 3D design software on the market, provides a comprehensive set of tools for mechanical and manufacturing design Revit Architecture: With Revit® Architecture, students and educators benefit from a comprehensive approach to architecture and building design that integrates conceptual design thinking with building technology and materials.

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    • [DOCX File]3D Modelling—Architectural CAD - Open School BC | Home Page

      This activity will go through the steps to get from 3D software (Autodesk Inventor) to 3D printer software or CNC software. The challenge sometimes is to ensure the part is designed so that it can actually be printed using a 3D printer or cut on a CNC machine. Once a 3D part has been fully designed in modelling software, it can be exported out.

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    • [DOCX File]Activity 2.3.4 CAM Strategy Practice Part 1

      Autodesk® Inventor® software. Inventor HSM Pro. CNCMotion. Engineering notebook. Procedure. Download and then unzip the student models to a convenient location. Follow the teacher instruction to prepare to observe a demonstration of or watch the series of instructional videos. Apply CAM strategies to the parts below which align with each of the demonstrations or videos. Verify the proper ...

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    • [DOC File]Berlin Brothersvalley School District

      : This Course will introduce the students to Autodesk’s newest 3D modeling software Inventor. It is targeted for the beginning user who has little or no experience designing in 3D. This course teaches the student how to navigate Inventor’s toolbars and menus; create basic 3D parts using Extrude, Revolve, Sweep and Loft, apply and edit dimensions and constraints. Students will also create ...

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      Using Autodesk Inventor—a sophisticated 3-D parametric modeling software—students communicate the details of the products. Emphasis is placed on analyzing potential solutions and communicating ideas through various vehicles of communication. Understanding the terminology for the drafting/engineering industry and expanding fundamental skills in hand sketching (basic drafting) are both ...

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    • [DOC File]What do we want them to know

      Product Design using Autodesk Inventor software. Product Fabrication . Data collection and display. Students will have frequent checks of learning. These will include: Student responses to Essential Questions. Written quizzes/tests relating to class activities and assignments. Evaluation of projects and drawings. Evaluation of homework assignments. Evaluation of individual student performance ...

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