Auxiliary diesel tanks for truck beds

    • Bay Area Air Quality Management District

      Diesel 450 HP 12490 LOG Tank 12519 Wastewater ETP 1&2 Custom Made, External Floating Roof NA 7,402,238 Gallon 12491 LOG Tank 12520 Wastewater ETP 1&2 Custom Made, External Floating Roof …

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    • [DOC File]Current Contract Information Form - Washington

      ORDER QTY PRICE EACH PRICE EXTENSION 2310-133-062 AM/FM/Single CD/MP3 Player (585) $233.00 2310-133-063 Rapid-Head Supplemental Cab Heater (also requires 2310-133-013 diesel …

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    • [DOC File]

      The auxiliary diesel engine and fire pump is to be mounted on the top right front passenger side of the body build-up, directly behind the vehicle’s cab. ... All tanks shall have an anti-swirl plate located …

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      Each truck shall have a canvas cover to protect the mixture from the weather. Protect each load from the weather with the canvas extending over the top of the truck bed and securely fastened on all four sides of the truck bed. Each truck shall raise their beds …

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      The front part will bolt to the rear of the roll bar and track down the upper outboard length of the hose beds and bolt onto the rear of the deck. This bar is to both protect the hose beds. FRONT GRILL AND BRUSH GUARD. A Warn Heavy Duty ¼” steel bumper and grill guard will be installed on the front of the truck.

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    • [DOCX File]Legendary Diesel Performance Truck Pulling Rules

      Legendary Diesel Performance Truck Pulling Rules . Street Stock. This is a diesel fuel only class designed for street driven DOT legal Pickups . Credentials: Must be DOT legal pickup truck with valid …

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