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    • Logging Cost Calculating for Low-Impact Forestry

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      Favorable Slope Average Conditions Adverse Conditions Cost Modifier 0.9 1.0 1.2 Final calculations. BCH Base cost per hour [Hourly fixed cost + Hourly operating cost] ECH Estimated cost/hour of using equipment [BCH x felling and skidding modifiers] THC Total hourly cost [ECH + Hourly labor cost] TCL

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    • Estimating Agricultural Feidl Machinery Costs, A3510, 1991

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      The average fixed costs for the period of ownership can be estimated by using the average percent for the period. For example, if you buy the $30,000 tractor used at 5 years of age and plan to own it for 7 years, then the average annual fixed cost is based on the average for years 6 through 12 from Table 1.

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    • Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment

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      The contract type risk factor focuses on the degree of cost risk accepted by the contractor under varying contract types. The working capital adjustment is an adjustment added to the profit objective for contract type risk. It only applies to fixed-price contracts that provide for progress payments.

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    • COSTS

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      The average cost at 900 units is £11.11 but the average cost at 1000 units is £11. The difference between the two is only £0.11p. Therefore we can see that when a small amount of units is made, an increase in the scale of production will decrease costs by a large amount.

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    • Energy Efficiency Avoided Costs 2011 Update

      Cost and performance is based on a merchant advanced turbine plant. For consistency with the CCGT calculations, the installed cost of the turbine is used as an input, rather than the instant cost, and the adjustments to convert instant costs to installed costs have …

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      ii) Pre Specified Fixed Cost. We define the overall cost of the sampling as (9) where ch is the cost per population unit in the hth stratum and co is the fixed overhead cost. This is a standard cost representation. Thus the optimum n can be derived as in Aczel (1999), (10) …

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    • Cost-of-Service Rates

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      In cost classification, the costs that make up the cost-of-service are identified as either fixed or variable, depending on their characteristics. Fixed costs are costs which remain constant regardless of the volume of throughput and are predominately associated with capital investment in the pipeline system.

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    • CALCULATION - Postal Regulatory Commission

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      This library reference contains documentation for the calculation of rural carrier variability ratios, average weekly pieces, and total rural mail count pieces for letter and flats. It provides the same function as USPS-LR-K-70 filed in Docket No. R2001-1. This is a Category 2 library reference that witness Kay is sponsoring as a part of USPS-T-18.

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    • Business continuity impact calculator - Wakefield

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      Cost Calculator. Estimate the following reasonably quantifiable costs for your organisation: Cost Description Estimated Amount (£s) per day/week Average Revenue: Fixed Costs: Staff Salaries. Utilities. Rent & Rates. Contractual Obligations - telephony, computing, insurances etc. Overall Fixed Costs Total:

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    • Fixed Indirect Cost Rate Calculation using IRS Form 990 ...

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      In order to calculate the fixed indirect cost rate, follow the instructions below: ... = 385,023 / 2,811,727 = 0.13693 Fixed Indirect Cost Rate 13.69% 3. Calculate the Fixed Indirect Cost Rate using the information on Page 1, as follows: ... * This amount should conform to a modified total direct cost (MTDC) base. MTDC is defined as total ...

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