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  • average surgeon salary by state

    • 2018 MGMA Compensation and Production Survey Guide

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      physical therapists, physician assistants, psychologists, and surgeon assistants. *Total support staff FTE in practice Report the total support staff FTE in your practice. This should include business operations staff such as managers or administrators, front office …

    • 2018 MGMA State Salary Survey Guide

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      3 2018 MGMA State Salary Survey Guide Management Services Organization (MSO): An MSO is an entity organized to provide various forms of practice management and administrative support services to healthcare providers.

    • Cardiothoracic Surgery Career Development

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      Cardiothoracic Surgery Career Development . Frequently Asked Questions . ... Fair salary ranges often depend on what is being asked of the surgeon joining the practice. A salary for a ... Public institutions typically receive “state dollars” that support a portion of the faculty’s salary, ...

    • Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics

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      Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics 2015 The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery The Authoritative Source for Current U.S. Statistics on Cosmetic Surgery Expanded data for 2015: Multi-year comparisons, 38 Cosmetic Procedures Multi-specialty Data

    • Guide on Hourly Fee Rates for Consultants

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      Guide on Hourly Fee Rates for Consultants 3 1 Introduction The Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) conducted a study on the use of consultants in the Public Service in 2001.

    • NEA Rankings And Estimates

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      statistics. In addition to identifying emerging trends in key economic, political, and social areas, the state-by-state figures on government financing, state demographics, and public schools permit a statistical assessment of the scope of public education. Of course, no set of tables tells the entire story of a state’s education offerings.

    • Specialty Information: General Surgery

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      postdoctoral training programs representing 47 specialties throughout the state. Michigan currently has 151 General Surgery residents training in 13 ... According to Salary.com the average annual salary for a general surgeon in Michigan ranges from approximately $225,000–$427,000+.2 More information about salaries in other locations ...

    • Stanford Faculty Salary Information 2008-2009

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      salary figures for cases of small popula-tions, defined as fewer than eight fac-ulty members, are not shown to assure that individual salaries remain private. The years in rank categories vary from school to school to ensure privacy and meaningful group size. Stanford Faculty Salary Information 2008-2009 School of Earth Sciences Years in 33rd 66th


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      university of florida page 1 fall 2016 university employee file detail of salaries as of october 23, 2016 all fund sources academic affairs advisement & retention-0204----- name job bgt current title fte rate ...

    • Valuation of Physician On-Call Pay and Coverage Arrangements

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      Valuation of Physician On-Call Pay Arrangements When structuring on-call pay arrangements, ... cialists are average and typical. Physicians providing ... sicians should also not overlap with any base salary they may be receiving for clinical work during the call coverage period.