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    • 2018 REVIEW

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      highest average starting salaries of physicians tracked in the 2018 Review at $590,000, followed by orthopedic surgeons at $533,000. • The average starting salary for family medicine physicians is $241,000, the highest amount ever recorded in the Review. • The average starting salary for NPs is $129,000, the highest amount ever

    • Approved Pay Ranges for Physicians and Dentists

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      Final Approved Pay Ranges for Physicians and Dentists Effective January 8, 2017 . Pay Table 1 Specialty/Assignment Pay Table 2 Specialty/Assignment

    • Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in Egypt ...

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      Average: 6,860 EGP Median: 5,000 EGP Minimum: 1,100 EGP Salary Comparison By Job Category (Average Monthly Salary) Displayed below is the salary comparison by job category. Clicking on any of them will display data only for the chosen item. Job Category Average Salary Independent Jobs 1,200 EGP Cleaning and Housekeeping 1,500 EGP

    • Compensation Among Graduated Fellowship in Minimally ...

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      into 5 groups: 1 international region and 4 US regions. Finally, sur-vey participants were asked about current salary, starting salary, benefits, and compensation model. Starting and current salaries were inflation adjusted using the consumer price index obtained from the US …

    • How to Use and Not Abuse MGMA and Other Survey Data in FMV ...

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      accept any method that is commercially reasonable and provides us with evidence that the compensation is comparable to what is ... Phase III (2007) – Reliance on Salary Surveys: We emphasize, however, that we will continue to scrutinize the FMV of arrangements as FMV is …

    • REPORT: 2015 Cardiovascular Provider Compensation

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      MEDAXIOM CARDIOVASCULAR PROVIDER COMPENSATION & PRODUCTION SURVEY Ð 2015 11 registries. The marriage of these formerly separate data sets will allow for correlate studies on cost and outcomes, Þlling a huge void in the ability to measure overall value.

    • Recent Trends in the Market for Oral Surgeons Endodontists ...

      In 2015, the average annual net income for oral surgeons was $465,768, for endodontists was $327,521, for periodontists was $291,525; these incomes reflect an increase from 2014 average net incomes. The average annual net income for pediatric dentists was $284,670 and for orthodontists was $283,811 in 2015 and these incomes show a decrease

    • Salary Survey Results expanded 2013 - American College of ...

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      555 East Wells Street • Milwaukee, WI 53202 (414) 918-9813 • Fax: (414) 276-3349 Salary Survey – 2013 Results 14. Which of the following benefits does your employer provide (percentages based on

    • Second annual study

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      2016, the average national gender gap among physicians was 26.5 percent less per year, and on average, female doctors made $91,284 less than what the average male doctor made. In 2017, the physician gender gap remained stubborn at 27.7 percent, and female doctors earned $105,000 less …

    • Valuation of Physician On-Call Pay and Coverage Arrangements

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      Valuation of Physician On-Call Pay Arrangements When structuring on-call pay arrangements, ... cialists are average and typical. Physicians providing ... sicians should also not overlap with any base salary they may be receiving for clinical work during the call coverage period.