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    • 2009 MGMA Physician Salary Report - Alliance of Medical ...

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      2009 MGMA Physician Salary Report Specialty Median Starting East West South North Allergy & Immunology $241,138$180,000$230,012$264,040$237,987$225,836 Anesthesiology $366,640$325,000$326,667$355,224$352,625$375,813 Cardiac & Thoracic Surgery $507,143$350,000$480,676$570,076$533,123$539,209

    • 2018 MGMA Compensation and Production Survey Guide

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      physical therapists, physician assistants, psychologists, and surgeon assistants. *Total support staff FTE in practice Report the total support staff FTE in your practice. This should include business operations staff such as managers or administrators, front office …

    • Compensation Principles University of Michigan

      4. No faculty members will be disadvantaged in terms of salary and resources. 5. Faculty compensation shall reflect specialty specific market values, and RVU methodology shall support this goal. 6. The Department administration will offer help, oversight and continuous stewardship to optimize finances and success of all sections. 7.


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      EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY FACULTY SALARY REPORTS ... The average salary for a specified group of faculty members. STD ... The amount by which an individual’s salary is more or less than one standard deviation from the mean for that individual’s reference group.

    • First Annual Physician Compensation Report - Amazon S3

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      FIRST ANNUAL PHYSICIAN COMPENSATION REPORT | 8 KEY FINDINGS Gender Gap Between Physicians by MSA • The Doximity analysis shows a significant gender pay gap across MSAs. • To calculate the size of the gender gap, we examined what percentage of an average male physician’s salary does the average female physician make across specialties.


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      sacrificed together with any salary packaging arrangements under Clause 7 Salary Packaging, of this , Award may be made up to one hundred (100) per cent of the salary payable under the salaries clause, or up to one hundred (100) per cent of the currently applicable superannuable salary, whichever is …

    • How to Use and Not Abuse MGMA and Other Survey Data in FMV ...

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      Phase III (2007) – Reliance on Salary Surveys: We emphasize, however, that we will continue to scrutinize the FMV of arrangements as FMV is an essential element of many exceptions. Reference to multiple, objective, independe ntly published salary surveys remains a prudent practice for evaluating FMV.

    • Physicians in Canada, 2015

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      • The average gross clinical payment per physician in 2014–2015 was $339,000; this number remained virtually unchanged from 2013–2014. The average gross clinical payment per physician ranged from $258,000 in Nova Scotia to $366,000 in Alberta. • This year, CIHI combined fee-for-service data with detailed alternative payment data and for


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      established base salary set at fair market value. Numerous RVU models are structured in a way that reduces or eliminates the base salary after the first or second year, with compensation based solely on productivity after that. This can be accomplished by having a rolling quarterly

    • Second annual study

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      2016, the average national gender gap among physicians was 26.5 percent less per year, and on average, female doctors made $91,284 less than what the average male doctor made. In 2017, the physician gender gap remained stubborn at 27.7 percent, and female doctors earned $105,000 less …