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    • 120 Years of - National Center for Education Statistics

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      CO3.1: Educational attainment by gender and average years spent in formal education ... and the United States there has been a decrease. ... Average years of schooling weighted by proportion of the population participating in different levels of educations


    • Average years of schooling of adults (aged 15+), total ...

      of education stock. This paper estimates average years of schooling for Japan, Korea and the US for nearly 100 years annually. Not only average years of schooling overall, but also average years of schooling by age groups, by levels and types of education (primary, secondary, tertiary and vocational), and by gender are estimated.


    • CO3.1: Educational attainment by gender and average years ...

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      among the adult population, which is the average number of years of education received in a life-time by people aged 25 years and older; and access to learning and knowledge by expected years of schooling for children of school-entry age, which is the total number of years of schooling a child of school-entry age

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    • Estimation of Average Years of Schooling for Japan, Korea ...

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      other to the development of 120 Years of American Education. Foremost among these contributors is W. Vance Grant, who has served as an education statis-tics expert since 1955. Thomas D. Snyder was re-sponsible for the overall development and prepara-tion of 120 Years of American Education, which was prepared under the general direction of Jeanne E.

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    • Human Development Indices and Indicators: 2018 Statistical ...

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      arson) crime – a one year increase in average years of schooling reduces both property and violent crime by about 11-12 percent. However, the effects vary considerably within these categories. A one-year increase in average years of schooling reduces mur - der and assault by almost 30 percent, motor vehicle


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      Figure 2.1 Median Years of Schooling Completed and Number of Years Completed by the Least-Educated and Most-Educated 20 Percent of Adults,by Year of Twenty-First Birthday Americans’ Schooling Almost Doubled over the Century Source: IPUMS. 20 16 12 8 4 0 Years of Schooling Completed 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 Top 20% Median Bottom 20%