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  • average yield on municipal bonds

    • Aggressive-income Investing: More Than Just High Yield

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      Aggressive-income Investing: More Than Just High Yield Brian Therien, CFA • ... 5 High-yield Municipal Bonds represent an average of all funds in the Morningstar High-yield Municipal Bond category. The following table shows how a portfolio that included 10% in high-yield .


    • All-in for Yield in Municipal Bonds

      Bond Index. MAAX benefited from its exposure to high yield bonds. However, its exposure to long duration fixed income was a drag on performance. All-in for Yield in Municipal Bonds By David Schassler, Portfolio Manager MAAX VanEck Vectors® Municipal Allocation ETF Average Annual Total Returns (%) as of June 30, 2019 1 Mo† YTD† 1 Yr Life ...


    • Alternatives to Tax-Exempt Advance Refundings

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      lead to a drop in demand for municipal bonds or higher return requirements (i.e., higher rates) from investors Tax legislation provisions impacting municipal bonds became effective starting January 1, 2018 ... escrow yield of defeased bonds exceed yield of new money bonds.

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    • Federated Municipal High Yield Advantage Fund

      high-quality municipal bonds. Morningstar Category High Yield Muni Benchmark S&P Municipal Bond Index Key Investment Team ... Weighted Average Effective Maturity 6.1 Years Weighted Average Stated Maturity 22.0 Years ... Federated Municipal High Yield Advantage Fund MUNICIPAL Investors should carefully consider the fund’s


    • High Yield Municipal Bond Fund Commentary

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      Lipper High Yield Municipal Debt Funds Average is based on a universe of funds with similar investment objectives as the Fund. Peer group averages are Peer group averages are based on all share classes in the category, and include the reinvested dividend and capital gains, if any, and exclude sales charges.


    • Introduction to Bond Math

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      Oct 02, 2008 · Many times, fixed-rate bonds will be callable 10 years after issuance at a price of par. Historically, many municipal bonds were sold with 10-year call features where the bond was callable at 102 and declined to par by the 12th year.

    • Introduction to Municipal Bonds

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      Oct 26, 2016 · Tax Exempt Nature of Municipal Bonds • Most municipal bonds are tax-exempt • Bondholders do not pay State of Federal income tax on interest earnings from municipal bond • Investors are willing to purchase bond at lower interest rate • IRS reprieve to help local governments fund projects and compete in the capital market

    • Invesco High Yield Municipal Fund fact sheet (PDF)

      Custom Invesco High Yield Municipal Index was created by Invesco to serve as a benchmark for Invesco High Yield Municipal Fund, comprises 80% weight in bonds in the S&P Municipal Bond Index that are not rated or are rated below investment grade and a 20% weight in bonds that are rated investment grade by Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and/or Fitch.

    • Liquidity, Default, Taxes and Yields on Municipal Bonds

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      municipal bond market is a very thin market; many municipal bonds are traded only a few times after issuance (see Downing and Zhang, 2004). Average weekly muni trading volume is generally less than 12 percent of Treasury trading volume. On the other hand, the number of muni bonds far exceeds Treasuries; well above one million different

    • Municipal Bond Monthly - Morgan Stanley

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      municipal asset class) was unlikely to transpire during a mid-term election year, coupled with 4) the painful reality of the 2013 year’s tax levy, which highlighted the value of the municipal bond tax exemption (including exemption from the 3.8% Medicare Surtax) and finally, 5) a masterful

    • Phase II Lesson 2 - Advanced Topics in Arbitrage

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      Describe the special yield rules that apply to callable bonds • Calculate bond yield on issues with callable premium and deep discount bonds • List the elements involved in calculating yield for a variable yield issue • Compute yield of an issue containing both fixed and variable rate bonds • Compute the yield of a variable rate bond ...


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      can, in addition, potentially explain why the yield ratio seems “too small” on average to be explained by the traditional model. In 1993, for instance, the yield on high-quality long-term tax-exempt bonds was 87 percent of the yield on similar Treasury bonds. This ratio, together

    • The Price of Safety: The Evolution of Municipal Bond ...

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      The purpose of this paper is to test whether bond insurance provides value to issuers of municipal bonds ... average municipal issuers’ borrowing costs, even in gross terms. ... average yield ...


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      The average yield advantage of BBB-rated municipal bonds to AAA-rated, a proxy for the spread on municipal high-yield bonds, ended the fourth quarter at 1.1%, below the level it ended the third quarter. The average yield spread remains below the five-year average and is heavily influenced by volatile Puerto Rican issues.