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    • [PDF File]Conducting A Lawful Employment Interview - Idaho


      employer’s need for specific information the interviewer should avoid asking discriminatory questions, or base an evaluation of the applicant on criteria that is of a discriminatory nature. Because many discrimination complaints and lawsuits filed against employers stem from interviewing situations, this

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    • [PDF File]What Not to Ask When Interviewing Candidates


      What Not to Ask When Interviewing Candidates . Subject Questions permissible to ask in an interview. Question to avoid in an interview. Name Inquiry whether an applicant’s work records are under another name, for purposes of access to these records: “Have you worked for the University under a different name?” A. Inquiry into any title which

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    • [PDF File]Five Things NOT to do in an Essay


      Rhetorical questions Responding to an essay question with more questions is annoying. So, try to avoid posing direct rhetorical questions to the reader in an essay. These are usually tiresome to read because they shift the burden of answering the question to the reader when the reader just wants to sit back and let you do that.

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      The following are some guidelines on what to include and what to avoid in employment applications: What to Avoid: Employers must avoid certain questions, particularly those that may reveal whether an applicant is a member of a protected class under ... has taken the position that employers should avoid asking about criminal histories on ...

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    • [PDF File]Developing Questioning Skills


      Avoid asking questions at so rapid a rate that you feel compelled to answer them yourself to move things along. 4. Include types of questions which call upon higher cog-nitive skills than merely rapid-fire memory questions.

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    • [PDF File]Facilitation Tips


      Ask clear and concise questions. Make sure your questions only cover one issue at a time. Use unbiased questions. Phrase questions in a way that does not betray your opinion and that does not guide the people to answer one way or another. Avoid asking “why.” When asked why they think something or feel a certain way, people

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    • [PDF File]Questions to Avoid When Talking to Veterans


      Questions to Avoid Asking Veterans ... WHY NOT TO ASK: This is one of most personal questions you can ask someone. Usually, veterans do not like answering this question because a) they have complicated feelings about it, and b) they do not know how you will respond to the answer, or whether you are

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    • [PDF File]Questions to Ask and Questions to Avoid When Conducting an ...


      to make sure you’re asking questions that will reveal to you the candidate’s personality, skills, experience, abilities, motivations, strengths, weaknesses and more. Here are some of the questions you should ask during an interview; along with questions you should avoid asking during the interview: Questions to Ask: Questions to Avoid:

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    • [PDF File]Hiring Department Interview Guide


      Avoid asking questions that have the potential of being considered illegal or discriminatory. Don’t shy away from asking questions regarding topics that you may have limited knowledge. Such questions will enable you to determine whether the applicant can formulate his/her answer in an easy, understandable way. ...

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      FEEDBACK QUESTIONS: HOW TO AVOID A DEAD END . Asking effective questions is the key to gaining constructive feedback. That’s not an easy task. Truly meaningful and illuminating questions are incredibly tough to orchestrate. Indeed, professionals regularly ask me for help in the development of useful feedback questions.

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    • [PDF File]Interview Question Types - Centers for Disease Control and ...


      Interview Question Types 1 1 Interview Question Types Learning Objectives After this session, participants will be able to 1. Describe four types of interview questions 2. List questioning pitfalls to avoid 2 Interview Question Types •Closed-ended questions •Open-ended questions •Probing questions •Checking questions 3 Closed-Ended ...

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