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  • aws annual report 2018

    • 1 Report to Shareholders Financial Statements and Report ...

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      step-by-step plan to improve our network and deploy spectrum in the most efficient way. In fiscal 2018, we completed the deployment of the 2500 MHz spectrum, refarmed 10 MHz of AWS-1 spectrum and, in October 2018, we launched our Extended Range LTE in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Southwestern Ontario, leveraging 700 MHz spectrum to provide

    • 1 iomart Group plc Annual report and accounts 2018

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      9 iomart Group plc Annual report and accounts 2018 Strategic Report Chairman's Statement I am again delighted to report on another successful year for the Group. We have continued to grow revenues, both organically and through acquisitions whilst maintaining profit margins and generating our usual high levels of operating cash.

    • ANNUAL REPORT & 2017

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    • ANNUAL REVIEW .org

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      6 / Annual Review 2018 Annual Review 2018 / 7 The Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre was the focal point of numerous activities over the past 12 months designed to raise public awareness of the threats faced by our beautiful oceans from human activity and to highlight the hard work of marine conservationists.

    • Amazon Information Request Report

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      Amazon Information Request Report This bi-annual report provides additional information on the types and volume of information requests we receive. Types of Information Requests Received by Amazon Subpoenas. Subpoenas are valid and binding legal demands for information or

    • Annual Report 2018

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      Audit Report 42 Table of Contents IAL ANNUAL REPORT 2018 3. 4 ... AWS Legal 151 Spey Street Invercargill 9810. 6 DIRECTORS’ AND OFFICERS’ INDEMNITY INSURANCE The Company has insured all its Directors and ... 30 June 2018, the twenty first year of trading for the Airport Company.

    • Annual Report on the Status of Spectrum Repurposing

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      to submit an annual report “on the status of existing efforts and planned near- to mid-term spectrum repurposing initiatives.”2 This is the initial report; it addresses activities and events during a period beginning on January 1, 2018 and running through June 30, 2019.

    • New York State Medicaid Preferred Drug Program Annual …

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      ANNUAL REPORT TO THE GOVERNOR AND LEGISLATURE New York State Medicaid Preferred Drug Program STATE FISCAL YEAR APRIL 1, 2016 – MARCH 31, 2017 New York State Department of Health Date Prepared 1/31/2018

    • North American Numbering Plan Administrator Annual …

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      The annual NAS disaster recovery testing was successfully conducted in November 2018. Three instances of unscheduled NAS downtime occurred in 2018. In April, an AWS infrastructure issue resulted in a failover of the NAS database, resulting in two minutes of …

    • RightScale 2018 State of the Cloud Report™

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      while AWS grew from 57 to 64 percent of respondents. ... In January 2018, RightScale conducted its annual State of the Cloud Survey. ... The survey on which the RightScale 2018 State of the Cloud Report is based includes organizations across all the stages of cloud maturity.


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      Annual Report summarizing its annual performance with respect to this charter. Pursuant to Sections 14621 and 14630 of the California Corpora-tions Code, the Board of Directors hereby affirms that, during the year 2018, the corporation successfully fulfilled its general pur-poses, functions and responsibilities as a California Benefit Cor-


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      1 ITERA ANNUAL REPORT 2018 X STORIES CEO COMMENT HIGHLIGHTS BOARD OF DIRECTORS CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS SPECIALISTS IN CREATING DIGITAL BUSINESS. XX XX 2 ITERA ANNUAL REPORT 2018 ... Amazon Web Services (AWS) include features and functionality that used only to be availa-ble to large companies. This democratization

    • The State of Modern Applications & DevSecOps in the Cloud

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      industry report that quantitatively defines the state of the Modern App Stack. Working with our customers, we continue to see rapid advances in tools and processes used by various enterprise personas to build, run and secure modern applications. This third annual report …

    • To our shareholders, customers,

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      · Outstanding customer growth in fiscal 2018, ending the year with 125,796 customers, as well as surpassing 100,000 Cloud customers for the first time. · The migration of all Jira and Confluence Cloud customers to our new AWS-based cloud infrastructure—one of the most ambitious ... TEAM FY2018 Annual Report