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  • aws profit 2018

    • Total Monthly Active Users (MAUs) 138 173 180 30% 4% Q1 ...

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      July 26, 2018 Dear Shareholders, Today Spotify is reporting results for Q2 2018. The quarter was largely in line with our expectations, with some metrics performing at the high end of our guidance range. We finished the quarter with 180 million Monthly Active Users (“MAU”) and 83 million Premium Subscribers, up 30% and 40% respectively, Y/Y.1


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      2018 and fiscal 2017, our non-GAAP results exclude the effect of discontinued operations, share-based ... and our non- GAAP operating profit was a record at 39.4% of sales." Microchip Technology Reports ... Expanded our collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), including support for Amazon FreeRTOS,

    • Architecture and Engineering Industry Study

      the Deltek Clarity Architecture and Engineering Industry Study. There are dozens of financial indicators that the industry is improving slowly but steadily, and this report will help firm leaders assess the current conditions and plan for the journey ahead. Deltek’s financial metrics survey is the oldest,

    • WAF Getting Started Guide for AWS Marketplace

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      Trustwave WAF for AWS supports Inline-Proxy mode running Stand Alone, Manager or Sensor. Three different AMIs are provided, one for each of these WAF Roles. Trustwave WAF for AWS can be combined with other Trustwave WAF devices running on other platforms. 2 Requirements Prior to Trustwave WAF Launch

    • American Heart Association and Amazon Web Services 2.0 ...

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      2.0 Data Grant Portfolio: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning . Key Dates ... June, 2018 July 1, 2018 . Purpose. To test and refine artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms using learning health care system data ... American Heart Association and Amazon Web Services 2.0 Data Grant Portfolio: Artificial Intelligence and ...

    • The growing popularity of the cloud has given rise to a

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      2016 2018 30.9% 57.3% HEALTHCARE 2016 2018 INDUSTRY BREAKDOWN Education has top adoption in multiple apps (44.1% for G Suite and 25% for Box). This is consistent with prior years and is likely due to the discounts vendors offer the industry. Less than half of retailers have deployed Office 365 and fewer than 1 in 10 use AWS. Due to large

    • Large Government Contractor Extends Security to AWS Public ...

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      2 Large Government Contractor Extends Security to AWS Public Cloud CASE STUDY A large, for-profit government contractor based in the eastern corridor of Washington, D.C. provides business services to government agencies in the US and other countries. Employing more than 15,000 professionals, the organization administers programs of all sizes,

    • AGENDA AVEVA World Summit 2018

      AVEVA World Summit 2018 Last updated 4 October 2018. AVEVA presentations at this event may include predictions, estimates, intentions, beliefs and other statements that are or may be construed as being forward looking. While these forward-looking statements represent our current judgement on

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