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      • Strong growth in CSP operations (Office365 and Azure) with revenue in excess of $13m in the 6 months to 31 December 2017 compared to $5m in the pcp, with a current annualised run-rate revenue of more than $31m. At 31 December 2017 rhipe had over 186,000 CSP O365 seats compared to 126,000 at 30 June 2017.

    • Azure Databricks

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      transformative changes through new revenue streams. Yet only 1% of organizations today are able to take advantage of the capabilities of AI. It is the siloed nature of analytics that stifles success. Azure Databricks accelerates innovation by breaking down the silos between people, processes and infrastructure. This whitepaper explains what makes Azure Databricks unique and how you can use it …

    • Azure Mentor Program -Playbook - Tech Data Corporation

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      Annual Azure revenue stream Attain the Silver Cloud Platform competency 5. TECHNICAL ROLES SECTION 3. AMP Point of Contact Partner Technical Consultant (PTC) Support Engineer • Identify and nominate partners • Help partners identify customer opportunities • Share information about business development best practices • Onboarding your partners to AMP and subsequent off - boarding …

    • Capitalising Your Cloud

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      Revenue Cost of sales Gross profit Other operating expenses. EBITDA. Depreciation and amortisation Operating profit. Capex hardware costs Opex hardware costs* Test 1 Test 2. The supplier does not have a practical ability to substitute the asset The supplier would not benefit economically from substituting the asset. There is a clear identified asset. and or * Or in certain circumstances above Gross Profit in Cost …

    • Cloud Infrastructure

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      optimize your Azure-focused practice and understand the cloud infrastructure and management practice opportunity. Our goal is not to re-write the existing body of detailed guidance on how to perform any given recommendation—instead we point you to resources that will help you. For the business side, this playbook provides valuable resources for driving new revenue opportunities, developing strategies for …

    • Kick start your Azure Practice .com

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      Azure practice and revenue •Successfully leverage your MPN benefits: •Pinpoint •Digital Partner of Record •Silver Cloud Competency Congratulations! You should have your first 5 wins and be ready to complete the Azure Mentor Program. Grow your Azure practice and revenue

    • Making sense of a complex world: Cloud computing— the impact on revenue …

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      the impact on revenue recognition May 2015 www.pwc.com. PwC 1 Introduction In the current economy, companies are searching for ways to save money, limit their fixed costs (including infrastructure and capital expenditures) and improve efficiencies. In addition, trends such as the use of smart phones, tablets, multiple devices, and telecommuting have created a perfect storm ripe for an alternative IT …

    • Revenue Forecasting 1for Enterprise Products - arXiv

      Revenue Forecasting 1for Enterprise Products Amita Gajewar2, and Gagan Bansal3. Abstract For any business, planning is a continuous process, and typically business-owners focus on making both long-term planning aligned with a particular strategy as well as short-term planning that accommodates the dynamic market situations. An ability to perform

    • edge computing a historical perspective & direction

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      FY17 Azure announcements 97% YoY Azure Revenue Growth 15% YoY Microsoft server products and cloud services revenue growth compute usage >90% of Fortune 500 use Microsoft Cloud FY17 growth numbers: each facility is 8 MW in size, total of 64 MW Microsoft’s data centers expanding rapidly, powered by wind farms Columbia river, hydro-electric power. looking beyond cloud computing October …