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      The Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative requires that all public services seeking Baby Friendly accreditation adhere to the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes. This means working to ensure that there is no advertising of formula milk, bottles, teats or solid food for babies under six months old to mothers and their families.

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      • Jacqueline Hope, ... 3 is a successful and effective means of promoting equal and respectful relationships between men and ... As the name suggests, Baby Makes 3 is concerned with that stage of life when the arrival of a new baby signifies the creation of a new family.


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      be a family coat of arms, or be a link to membership of some organisation important to them, to their ethnicity or have a special religious meaning.

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      “having faith means being sure of something you can only hope for and cer-tain of what you can’t see,” puts in aji. “that’s how we decided from the beginning that if the baby were a girl, Faith would be her name.” is he not worried about the possibility she may not ‘live up’ to the name …

    • Registration of stillbirth

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      be changed to enable registration of stillbirth before 24 weeks of pregnancy. Tim Loughton (Conservative) has spoken of the arbitrary nature of the 24-week threshold. He highlighted one case where twins had been stillborn either side of the threshold and …


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      of First Nation: First Nation Traditional Name: Bunibonibee (Oxford House) Derived from Pinipawinipi which in Cree means the water falls and dips. There is an area in Oxford Lake which seems to dip or fall. Chemawawin (Easterville) Chemwawin in Cree means fishing with …

    • The Role of the Community of Faith in Infant Baptism and ...

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      ture within the community of faith, with the hope that one day the child may acknowledge his or her acceptance of new life in Christ. Through water and the word, the child is indelibly marked with the sign of the covenant, conveying a new identity to the baptized in the name …

    • Worship Service Theme: First Sunday of Advent: HOPE

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      (Turn on the candle of Hope – or have someone in the front row “light” it.) Today we light the PURPLE candle that represents hope, remembering how the birth of Jesus brought hope into the world. Please pray with me as we open our time together. Opening prayer: God of hope, who brought love into this world, be the love that dwells between us.

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      Advent Readings For The Very Young Written by Alex and Betsy Kirk, 2011 www.partofthemain.wordpress.com {Day 1} The (Empty) Stable: Waiting for Jesus Then and Now Right now we are beginning the season of Advent. At the end of Advent is Christmas. The word “advent” means “coming.” It is the season when we