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    • Alcohol 101-Gender Differences - University Of Maryland

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      Gender differences do influence the effect of alcohol in your body. There are three major differences between women and men that result in the differences in their intoxication levels—measured by Blood Alcohol Concentration. Different Enzyme Level • Gastric alcohol dehydrogenase, the enzyme that begins the break-down process

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    • Approximate Blood Alcohol Concentration by Weight ForMEN

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      Approximate Blood Alcohol Concentration by Weight ForMEN 1 These charts are for your information and are not intended to convey that drinking any amount of alcohol is …


    • BAC Estimation Charts - ProServe Liquor Staff Training

      2012-05-31 · Page 1 BAC Estimation Charts A person’s BAC is a measurement of the amount of pure alcohol in his blood. The legal level of impairment in Canada is 0.08% and that is the level that is used in these BAC charts. Although BAC estimation charts are not accurate on …

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      BLOOD ALCOHOL CONCENTRATION (BAC) LIMITS (last updated Sep 2018) Defining BAC A person’s BAC level measures the amount of alcohol in the blood, by recording the milligrams of ethanol per milliliters of blood. Most countries around the world have legal BAC limits, ranging from

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    • Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Tables for Men How to Control ...

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      Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Tables for Men From: How to Control Your Drinking by William R. Miller and Richard F. Munoz, University of New Mexico 1982 pp. 8-11. Approximate BAC (mg%) reached during six different time periods. The following tables allow you to estimate the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) you would reach when drinking over a


    • Hours to Zero BAC for Men - Compliance & Safety Managem

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      2. Use the chart above and under number of "drinks" and opposite "bodyweight" find the percent of blood alcohol listed. 3. Subtract from this number the percent of alcohol "burned up" during the time elapsed since your first drink. This figure is .015% per hour. [Example: 180 lb. man - 8 drinks in 4 hours / .167% minus (.015x4) = .107 %]

    • Men in 1 hour

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      Men in 5 hours * indicates negligible BAC 1 How to use this card: Select the length of time you drank or are planning to drink (1, 3, 5 hours). 4 Follow the row and column of these two values to where they intersect. The box at this intersection is your approximate BAC.

    • The ABCs of BACs - MADD Canada

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      2 The BAC levels at which provincial and federal sanctions will actually be imposed are significantly higher than the shading in the chart indicates. First, the chart reflects the BAC that would be obtained in sampling a driver’s blood when initially stopped by the police. In contrast, the provincial and federal sanctions are based on ...

    • The new standard - Wisconsin Department of Transportation

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      How to use: Given a person’s weight and the number of drinks, the chart provides a BAC. • Subtract from this number the amount of alcohol eliminated since the time of the first drink, using the average of 0.015 per hour (for men), or 0.018 per hour (for women). Alcohol chart (men) Number of drinks

    • www.tabc.state.tx.us MEN 1-888-THE-TABC KNOW YOUR LIMIT

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      MEN KNOW YOUR LIMIT One drink equals 1.5 oz. of 80 proof liquor (40%), 12 oz. beer (4.5%), or 5 oz. wine (12%). Approximate Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) In One Hour Subtract .015 for each hour after drinking. Note: The figures are averages and may vary based on the amount of food in your stomach. Source: National Highway Traffic Safety ...