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  • back surgery going through stomach

    • Back Surgery - A Guide for Patients and Their Coaches

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      BACK SURGERY: A GUIDE FOR PATIENTS AND THEIR COACHES | 1 Introduction The purpose of this booklet is to provide information for you and your support person before your back surgery. You will find instructions on preparing for surgery and what to expect after surgery. You have chosen to …

    • Esophageal Surgery - UW Health

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      Understanding esophageal surgery is important in planning for your hospital stay ... your stomach and going up into your esophagus is removed. ... You can tell if a food is a full liquid if you can imagine it going through a kitchen strainer.

    • How to Care for Yourself After Lumbar Spinal Fusion

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      It is important to ice your back in the beginning to help with some of the swelling that occurs from surgery. Place a towel over the surgical site to protect your skin, and then use a gel pack for 30 minutes, usually about 4 times per day. Do not leave the pack on longer than 30 minutes since it may actually increase your pain.

    • My Spinal Surgery: Going Home - University Health Network

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      This section of the “My Surgery” binder provides you with information about going home after your spinal surgery. Going Home Most people go home after surgery or stay with friends or family. In some cases, temporary changes may have to be made to your home so that you can stay on a …

    • Paraesophageal Hernia Repair - UW Health

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      thumb, through the abdomen. During surgery the stomach is moved back into its correct position. The enlarged hole in the diaphragm is made smaller. This is so the stomach cannot slip back up into the chest space. In some cases, the top of the stomach (fundus) is wrapped around the bottom of the esophagus to anchor the stomach in place.

    • Spinal Fusion Surgery Guide

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      through the bony spine and usually ends at approximately L1 or L2. Beyond that, ... You are going to have spine surgery in the form of a spinal fusion. ... been beaten up”. Often, patients will note additional painful areas distant to their back that are most likely related to being in …

    • Stomach / Gastric Surgery - Fraser Health

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      Stomach / Gastric Surgery: Royal Columbian Hospital After Your Surgery Going home How long you stay in the hospital depends on: - your health before the surgery - the type of surgery - how you recover from the surgery Most people can go home 3 to 6 days after open incision surgery or 1 to 3 days after laparoscopic surgery.

    • Surgery and other procedures to control symptoms

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      Surgery and other procedures to control symptoms ... going home on the same day, ... you leave hospital, and the bile will drain through the stent. Getting back to normal If the stent insertion into the bile duct is successful, then once the sedation has worn off and the

    • The Road To Recovery - Johns Hopkins Hospital

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      The Road To Recovery after Spine Surgery 3 This book will: - Prepare you for surgery - Explain what to expect during and after surgery - Guide you through the recovery process The most important thing to remember is the sooner you return to being active – the sooner you will be on the road to recovery.

    • Treatment Guide Swallowing and Esophageal Disorders

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      hiatal hernia occurs when the stomach bulges up into the chest through the opening in the diaphragm (the muscle wall that separates the chest cavity from the abdo-men). The diaphragm normally helps the LES keep stomach contents from going back up into the esophagus. But the hernia disrupts the normal anatomy of the LES